EVOS Esports Terminate Listy Chan Over Ericko Lim Scandal

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EVOS Esports has decided to terminate their contract with player and YouTuber Listy Chan. She will no longer be part of EVOS Esports’ Mobile Legends Ladies division. EVOS Esports put out an Instagram post announcing the termination. 

The post reads ‘After holding discussions with related parties, EVOS Esports finally made the decision to terminate the contract with Listy as a professional Esports player in the ML Ladies division.‘ EVOS Esports also apologised in the post saying, ‘Hopefully, whatever happened can be a learning (experience) for us all.’

Why Did EVOS Esports Terminate Listy Chan’s Contract?

Gaming YouTuber Ericko Lim and food YouTuber Jessica Jane recently ended their relationship. Rumours were implying the reason for the break up was the involvement of a third party. EVOS MLBB player Listy Chan’s name surfaced, with speculations further fed by Lim’s now ex-girlfriend, Jessica Jane. Jessica uploaded a picture on her Instagram story showing Ericko and Listy together. 

EVOS Esports Terminate Listy Chan Over Ericko Lim Scandal
Screenshot of Jessica Jane Insta Story

"Guys, please do not comment about my ex. I already said there would be no clarification.", Jessica wrote. In an Instagram story, Ericko confirmed that his relationship with Jessica Jane had ended and that the decision to separate was a mutual one. Regarding his closeness with Listy Chan the YouTuber said, "I'm not gonna deny. Yes, I was really close to Listy recently, and sure, we hang out together as a friend.”

Listy Chan joined the Mobile Legends squad for EVOS Esports in August 2019. The squad has since played in the Female Gaming League Tournament: Mobile Legends Minor Series One where they beat out Belletron Battle Angels for the title. In the last several months, Listy Chan had been inactive from the squad. She used to play the role of a fighter/marksman until she was replaced by Violet. Recently, she has focused more on her streaming and YouTube channel. Listy Chan has made videos collaborating with Ericko Lim in the past. Since the termination, Listy has not yet responded to any of the events.

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