Nimo TV Announced NPL Pro 2020 Featuring SynerGE and SouL

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Following the success of their debut event NimoTV NPL, the livestreaming platform is back with another PUBG MOBILE event titled NPL Pro 2020. The online tournament promises to host a bunch of gaming influencers and top-class casters. 

So far, the event will include top-tier teams. Some prominent names are Team SouL, MegaStars, SynerGE, HBX, and Revenge. NimoTV PUBGM League Pro is scheduled to take place from 13th July to 30th July with registrations taking place between 8th July and 15th July. 

NPL Pro 2020 format

NPL Pro 2020 will have four pool matches followed by qualifiers, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. The dates are as follows:

Qualifiers: 13th-17th July 

Quarterfinals: 18th -19th July 

Semifinals: 24th - 25th Semi-Finals 

Finals: 27th - 30th July

The Selection

NPL Pro 2020 has some general rules to be followed by all participating teams at various stages of the tournament. They are as follows:

Qualifiers: There are 300 teams in total, and for every match, 4 teams will be selected. These teams will face off against each other in a total of 15 matches lasting for 5 days.

Quarterfinals: 21 teams and 3 wild card teams will qualify in the semifinal and will play 6 matches over the course of three days.

Semifinals: 16 teams will be selected for the finals. Here, there will be matches between 16 invited teams and 24 qualified teams (YouTubers + T1 Teams). There will be 4 matches per pool with a total of 8 matches.

Finals: There will be 3 regular matches every day and one surprise match which will last for 2 days.

Players can only use their mobile phones and no emulators will be allowed and the creation of a Nimo ID is a must for NPL Pro 2020. Every team must have at least one.

NPL Pro 2020’s Prize Pool Distribution

The tournament has a decent prize pool up for grabs. Here's a breakdown of the prize pool:


First Prize: $1400

Second Prize: $600

Third Prize: $400

Special Awards

MVP: $100

Best Streamer: $100 x 3 = $300

It’ll be interesting to see how India’s viewership gets possibly divided between PMWL East which has now been delayed and NimoTV NPL Pro. While India’s finest are indeed at the former, teams like SouL, MegaStars, and SynerGE are major crowd pullers. 

Nimo TV has hosted various tournaments for PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends. Having launched in 2018, they’ve grown into a formidable streaming platform that has seen a rise in recent times with their expansion in India and now in Southeast Asia.

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