Mayhem Mode Back In Mobile Legends In Summer Carnival Event


Mayhem Mode Back In Mobile Legends In Summer Carnival Event

Shounak Sengupta
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  • New seasonal event, Summer Carnival announced for Mobile Legends. 
  • It will include the much liked Mayhem mode among other rewards and events. 

The much loved Mayhem Mode will return to Mobile Legends and will be playable from July 10 - July 16. The mode allows players a chance to earn rare Skin Fragment and Skin Trial Cards of Mages and Marksmen. The Mayhem Mode is known to contain many new features such as enhanced hero skills, new map skin, higher starting gold and hero level, and so on. All these changes greatly shorten the process of growth, and make the game more focused on fights and ability usage. 

The Return of Mayhem Mode

Mayhem Mode Back In Mobile Legends In Summer Carnival Event

Image via Mobile Legends

The mode was first introduced in 2018 and only allowed players to select from a specific list of heroes, whose skills had been modified to fit it. However, it seems as if this time’s Mayhem Mode will be different from the previous version in some way. A pre-selected list of heroes is also available for players to choose from this time around as well. 

Summer Carnival

Additionally the Summer Carnival mode has also been announced. It includes the limited time Mayhem Mode and the free Karrie Battle Emote as well as more seasonal events. A total of six events have been planned during the Summer Carnival, beginning with the Summer Mayhem. On July 18, the Summer Gift will be made available to all those who log into the app. From July 17-August 2, the Summer Gatcha party will be held. This will be followed by the release of the new season of Magic Chess on July 24. Magic Chess will also receive a new Legend in the form of Yu Zhong. From July 25 to August 9, the Summer Collection will be launched and will be a redeemable custom spawn effect. Additionally, from July 27 - August 9, players will be able to team up and play to earn skin fragments. 

Hopefully the new events and modes will help the community come together at what seems to be a difficult time for the game. Mobile Legends has recently been banned in India and there are concerns that the title might soon see a similar fate in the United States of America. While it still remains wildly popular in Southeast Asia, the release of League of Legends: Wild Rift will also be a game changer for the mobile MOBA space. 

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