Everything You Need To Know About New MLBB Hero, Yu Zhong

Nutan Lele
23/Jun/2020 04:08 pm

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has released their newest fighter hero, Yu Zhong, the Fierce Black Dragon. The character was first revealed in MLBB’s patch 1.4.86 spotlight video and Moonton also released a comic strip about his backstory. Yu Zhong made it into the Dragon Altar to become one with the Great Dragon. Yu Zhong has the ability to turn himself into a Black Dragon and a Dragonoid form. Baxia is shown as Yu Zhong's brother. In the game, Yu Zhong has some impressive crowd control abilities and damage output. 

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Yu Zhong’s Skills

Here’s a look at his skills and stats:

Passive – Cursing Touch

Image courtesy MLBB YouTube

Yu Zhong’s passive is both an offensive and defensive skill. It applies Sha Residue to a target every time he deals damage and gathers Sha Essence for him. Once Sha Residue reaches full stacks on the enemy it restores some of his health and he gains Sha Essence. Once Sha Essence reaches full stacks, he gains a burst of movement speed and spell vamp. You can plan fights around your Sha Essence and Residue to make the most of his full stacks charge. 

  • Upon putting 5 stacks of Sha Residue on a target, it will erupt, consuming 1 stack of Sha Residue every 0.25 second, dealing 40 (+30% Extra Physical Attack) + 2% of the target's lost HP as Physical Damage, restoring 8% of his lost HP, and gathering 8 Sha Essence.
  • When Sha Essence is fully charged, Yu Zhong immediately gains 40% Movement Speed and 20% Spell Vamp.
  • During this period, Sha Essence can be restored by dealing damage to enemies.

First skill – Dragon Tail

Image courtesy MLBB YouTube

Yu Zhong uses his clock to attack enemies around him after a delay. Enemies at the outer edge of the blades take more damage. This skill can be used to zone out enemy heroes while in lane. 

  • Enemies in the inner area of the cloak will be dealt 200 / 260 / 320 / 380 (+100% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage. 
  • Enemies in the outer area of the cloak will be dealt 250% damage and applies 2 stacks of Sha Residue for himself.
  • Spell Vamp is capped at 40% on Minions.

  Second skill – Soul Grip

Image courtesy MLBB YouTube

Yu Zhong unleashes the Dragon Soul, attacking and slowing enemies in a line. When the attack hits enemies it triggers a knock-back effect. Use it to chase after enemies and bring them in range of your other skills. 

  • Deal 150 / 175 / 200 / 225 (+120% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to all enemies in front and slowing them by 60% for 1 second.
  • Upon hit, Yu Zhong's next Basic Attack will be enhanced, dealing 108 / 144 / 180 / 216 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and knocking them back.
  • When multiple targets are hit, Yu Zhong applies Sha Residue multiple times with the enhanced Basic Attack, dealing up to 200% damage.

Third skill – Furious Dive

Image courtesy MLBB YouTube

Furious Dive is one of your best crowd-control skills, with a long dash and a delayed knock-up. Use both the dash and the knock-up to do AoE damage, gain Sha Residue, and pull off combos. 

  • Leap towards the designated location with full strength, dealing 180 / 210 / 240 / 270 (+90% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage and dashing in a specified direction after casting this skill.
  • After a short delay, enemies within the area of effect will be knocked airborne for 1 second and take 180 / 210 / 240 / 270 (+90% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

Ultimate – Black Dragon Form

Image courtesy MLBB YouTube

Transform into the Black Dragon, immune to crowd control attacks and obstacles. Collide with enemies to deal damage and knock them back. After 7 seconds, Black Dragon form ends, and Yu Zhong enters Dragonoid Form which buffs his other skills. 

  • After channelling for 0.6 seconds, transform into Black Dragon Form for 7 seconds and gain Crowd Control Immunity, ignore obstacles, and increase Max HP by 600 / 800 / 1000 (+200% Extra Physical Attack). If Yu Zhong encounters enemy heroes in his path, he will deal 200 / 280 / 360 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and knock them back.
  • Upon exiting Black Dragon Form, he will deal 200 / 280 / 360 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage enemies in his area and entering Dragonoid Form for 10 seconds and enhancing his skills Dragon Tail, Soul Grip, and Furious Dive.

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Yu Zhong is now available for purchase in-game.


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