Maxkash Joins Fnatic For New Season


Maxkash Joins Fnatic For New Season

Shounak Sengupta
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  • Fnatic announces the arrival of new a new player to the squad, Maxkash. 
  • Maxkash has previously played in Team ORB and Marcos Gaming. 

After trying out several players, Fnatic has confirmed that the new player joining the PUBG MOBILE lineup will be Akash ‘Maxkash’ Anandani. The player along with Ash, Owais and Franky will represent the black and orange for the near future. Maxkash arrives from Marcos Gaming, but in the past he has represented other lineups such as ORB. He has been playing with the main Fnatic squad for a couple of weeks now and the squad has had very strong showings across multiple tournaments. While Owais had previously said that he wanted try out a few players to see who fits best, it seems as if he is happy with Maxkash.

Other names such as 420OP were also rumored to be joining the squad, but he has since joined Team IND. The player that Fnatic are going to be leaving the lineup, is Sc0utOP, and he will be moving to Orange Rock.  While an official confirmation of the same is still pending, Scout has begun to play matches with his new team and has even registered for the currently ongoing PUBG MOBILE India Series with them. Fnatic’s Ronak has announced that he will be going on a break after a hard season, while their other player, Paritosh has not been seen playing with the main squad for a long time now. While there have been nio official announcements about his departure, he has removed the Fnatic tag from his socials. 

Maxkash's Arrival Presents New Opportunities For Fnatic

While Fnatic’s troubles last season were quite public, the team seems to have found some good form with Maxkash’s arrival. Sc0utOP’s playstyle may not have suited the rest of the team leading to frequent clashes in between the players, but hopefully Maxkash is able to fit into the lineup. The Fnatic brand certainly has one of the larger fan bases in the country, and having already shown that they can win trophies, it will be on the new team to go and win a major tournament for their fans. Fnatic's new lineup are currently in action at the PUBG MOBILE India Series 2020.

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