Fnatic’s Owais Talks About the Future of The Team “We are looking for good players who will suit us”

Shounak Sengupta
17/Jun/2020 01:53 pm
  • Owais drops hints about new Fnatic roster. 
  • Both him and Sc0utOP have hinted that they will continue to be a part of the organization. 

Fnatic’s Owais recently said during a press meet that he is in the process of testing new players for the team and a new lineup will be announced shortly. The statement was made during the Fnatic India and Loco partnership announcement which also included the Fnatic Rising program. 

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Fnatic had already mentioned that PMPL South Asia will be their last tournament with the roster and with the team’s internal issues combined with mediocre performances meant that the decision to build a new team had to be taken. Owais’s comments makes it seem like he will be part of the new Fnatic roster. Meanwhile, both Sc0utOP and Fnatic have also repeatedly reiterated that he too will be a part of Fnatic. But both Scout and Owais have already publicly bid each other farewell and parted on a good note. 

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Owais mentioned he is actively looking for talented players for the team and is playing with different people to figure out which players work best for the squad. As of now no player has left the roster and no formal announcements have been made. Fnatic’s new roster is one that has caused quite the excitement in the community 


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