Team IND Adds 2 Players In Preparation For World League


Team IND Adds 2 Players In Preparation For World League

Shounak Sengupta
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  • Indian organization, Team IND announces the addition of 2 new players. 
  • The organization will now filed a 6 man lineup for the upcoming World League. 

The veteran squad of Team IND has announced the addition of 2 new players, in preparation for the PUBG MOBILE World League. The World League allows qualified teams to register with upto 6 players and will be taking place online. A large number of the Indian teams, who have qualified, have begun to pick up players other than their core ones, to help bolster the squad. Team IND have announced the addition of Taha ‘Aladin’ Khamkar from Inside Out and Shivamm ‘420op’ Raghav. 420op was the marquee player from UMumba Esports, who has disbanded their entire roster and are expected to announce a new one in the coming weeks. 

Team IND's Roster Provides New Options

Team IND were the final team to qualify for the World League from South Asia, securing the last spot in the grand finals stage. The team has previously represented the region in both PMCO Spring and Fall and are a legacy team in the region with both domestic success and international experience. While they’ve had their ups and downs this season, the team were able to come together in the PMPL South Asia finals, where they finished in 6th place. While the team already have a strong 4 man core who have been playing with each other for a while, the addition of new talent will give them options to both experiment and go places they are yet to reach. 420op’s close and medium range skills is something that is lacking in Team IND’s current roster. The squad known for their excellent positional gameplay have often faced criticism for a low kill tally, despite boasting Slayer and Snax, two of the more deadly players in the region. 

Team IND aren’t the only team to seek reinforcement for the World League. An inter team player switch between Orange Rock and Godlike means that Gill is now playing for OR while Vampire is a part of Godlike. Orange Rock are also expected to add Sc0utOP from Fnatic while Godlike have brought in RVNG’s Rayed as their 6th member. SynerGE too, have added Zigsaw from 7Seas to the roster. The World League will kick off on the July 10 and will be a month long league featuring the top teams from South Asia, South East Asia and other Asian countries. 

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