PMIS 2020 - Teams Disqualified For Using Unfair Means

PMIS 2020 - Teams Disqualified For Using Unfair Means

Shounak Sengupta
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  • 3 teams were disqualified for using unfair means at the PMIS 2020 online qualifiers.
  • 9 groups have been played out with 27 teams already making it to the quarters.

In a surprising turn of events at the PMIS 2020 online qualifiers, three teams who had via the online stage have been disqualified as they were found to be using unfair means. These teams are Infinite Warriors, Zleven and Team BigFans. As a result, the fourth placed team from groups 1, 2 and 3 will be taking their spots. These teams are Insane Esports, Powerhouse and Team Invaders, who had earlier been eliminated from the competition. 

The loss of Powerhouse and iNSANE Esports from PMIS 2020 was considered to be a rather shocking affair as both teams had been directly invited. However, fans can breathe a sigh of relief as this chain of events will now see their team in the quarterfinals. The one significant team which has been eliminated is one featuring Ghatak and Kronten, known as TSK or The Supari Killers. Of course, both members never had any serious expectations from the squad and while Ghatak is already a part of TSM-Entity, Kronten is the owner of Godlike Esports. 

27 Teams Through to PMIS 2020 Quarter Finals

With this the following teams have qualified for the quarter finals stage:
Group 1: Shikari eSports, Team Bope, iNSANE Esports

Group 2: Fate Esports, Livecraft eSports, Powerhouse

Group 3: VSG Crawlers, HYP Gaming, Team Invaders

Group 4: Team Tamilas, TheCrew Esports, F4 Rivals

Group 5: Dark Tangent Esports, VikingX, Team ELITES

Group 6: Vendetta Esports, Newst, Team Falcon esports

Group 7: Team GodX, bYe Official, Team Fly High

Group 8: Team Legstump, Strong Hold, DC Officials

Group 9: ELEMENT Esports, ARC, Team IND

PMIS 2020 - Teams Disqualified For Using Unfair Means

Element Esports are one of the strongest non-invited teams in the competition | Image via Element Esports

No big surprises in the online stage, considering iNSANE Esports and Powerhouse have qualified. Team IND had a bit of a scare in Group 9, tying in points with the 5th placed team, but edged them out on the basis of higher kill points. Two more days of the online stage action remains at PMIS 2020 and later today, Godlike, UMumba, Team 8bit, God’s Reign, and Marcos Gaming will be in action across groups 10,11 and 12. 

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