Team Vitality CEO Talks About Future Plans and Expanding to India

Team Vitality CEO Talks About Future Plans and Expanding to India

Shounak Sengupta
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  • Team Vitality's CEO spoke about the organization's plans for expansion in India. 
  • The organization are keeping a close watch on the region to see how things develop. 

In an interview with The Esports Journal, Team Vitality’s CEO Nicholas Maurer spoke about what the organization has been up to and what they plan to accomplish in 2020. He focused on India and how Vitality have are watching the region as they feel that it has a lot of potential. In the past as well, the organization has been bullish about the opportunities in India and hinted many times at a possible expansion. In 2019 the organization launched their new facility in Paris and their parent company committed to investing 14 Million Euros into the team to help them expand into India and China. 

Published early February, Nicholas spoke about Team Vitality's growth in 2019 and touched upon their new facility, known as V.Hive in France. According to Nicholas, while Vitality will continue to look ahead to improving their current rosters in League of Legends and Counter-Strike, however he reiterated that the organization are looking to expand to new regions to help find newer audiences. The focus on Asia and more specifically India was made clear as the CEO explained that he felt that the North American market was very crowded in terms of teams, brands and investments. Because the market is very competitive, Vitality have decided to use their resources elsewhere and have their eye on both India and China. Vitality's approach will be to find streamers and influencers who are popular and then think about building teams. 

"We are totally convinced that there's a lot of potential in India, because there is a very big interest, not only in esports, but in gaming. A lot of people are very passionate there, but it's hard to predict the time it takes for a European brand to be seen as legitimate to an Indian audience." said Nicholas in the interview. 

He also talked about the fact that it's hard to predict the way in which mobile esports will grow and at what pace. While right now there is a lot of appeal and things are moving quickly, Vitality have their own plans on how they want to establish their brand in the country.

This is an abridged version of the interview. The full interview was published on The Esports Journal and be found here.

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