Three in a Row - BTR Win Third Week of PMPL- ID to Establish a Commanding Lead

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 23 Mar 2020, 09:55 AM

World champions, Bigetron Esports are going from high to high as they won their third week in a row in PMPL Indonesia. With this, the team have won every game week of the competition and have positioned themselves as the absolute favorites from the country. With only 1 week of games remaining, BTR have established a 180+ point lead and with a place in the Indonesia finals guaranteed, and go into the final week with only their streak to play for. 

Week 2 was also a big week for Victim Sovers, as the team moved up to 6th place all the way from 12th thanks to three chicken diners and 8 finishes in the top 5. It was however, still not enough to beat BTR, who finished with 10 top 4 finishes including 4 chicken dinners. Both Louvre Esports and Aerowolf LIMAX also had a decent showing in week 3 and have established a safety net between themselves and the rest of the competition. 

Three in a Row - BTR Win Third Week of PMPL- ID to Establish a Commanding Lead

Going into the final week means that some teams are in danger of being eliminated as only the top 16 teams will move onto the Indonesia finals. Onic Esports are one of the known names who have been struggling and are in 17th place. DG Esports, XcN Gaming, Siren Esports, Island of Gods are all in danger of not qualifying. 

Week 4 will determine which 16 teams move onto the finals and which are 8 eliminated. Stay tuned for all the updates. 

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