Bigetron Stamp Their Authority With a Monster Performance in Week 2 of PMPL Indonesia

Shounak Sengupta
15/Mar/2020 11:35 pm

Cover, thumbnail and other images via @PUBG Mobile Indonesia

Defending world champions, Bigetron sent out a strong message to the rest of the teams, not just in Indonesia but across the world, with a notable performance in second week of PMPL Indonesia. While the team had already taken the pole position at the end of the inaugural week, they romped their way to a 100+ point lead with a dominating performance this week. 

What’s most impressive about BTR’s performance is the fact that they have played 6 less games than 18 other teams have, as have all the teams in group C. The PMPL Indonesia format sees one group playing 6 matches lower than the others every week, starting from this week onwards. While Groups A and B will play lesser matches in the following weeks to balance out the totals. 

Despite the lower number of games, BTR sit comfortably on top with a cushion of 132 points. In gameweek 2, the team won 7 out of 18 games and placed in the top 5 in an incredible 66.66% of their games. The highlight of their incredible week was an incredible 21 kill chicken dinner on Miramar. In what is a truly baffling statistic, the tea, averaged over 7.5 kills per game in week 2. Bigetron picked up a whopping 350 points on week 2, which is just shy of 20 points per game; a true testament to why they are considered the best team in the world. 

While it’s hard to look beyond Bigetron’s performance this week, BOOM Esports, Aura, RRQ Ryu and Alter Ego are all within close proximity of each other in 2nd to 5th place. However, the team to watch out for is Morph, who not only took down BTR at the recently concluded Dunia Games League, but also have been performing quite well at PMPL Indonesia. 


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