Free Style and NoChance Team Become First Two Teams To Qualify For PMWL East

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 10 Mar 2020, 01:04 PM

Pakistan’s Free Style and Mongolia’s NoChance Team became the first two teams to qualify for the PUBG Mobile World League and will play in the Eastern Division. Both teams topped their regional PMCOs to make it to the event. 

In PMCO Pakistan, Free Style overcame names like Gaming Hub and Portal Esports to finish ahead of the competition. The 12 match finals was neck in neck till the end, where Free Style’s last match chicken dinner with 15 kills sealed their spot in PMWL East. Free Style were also the only team with 3 WWCDs and averaged 6 kills per map throughout the finals stage. 

In PMCO Wildcards, NoChance Team from Mongolia were far ahead of the competition, placing third in the group stages and winning both the semifinals and finals. In the finals, they finished with a 39 point lead, having won 4 chicken dinners. 

With their wins, both teams have secured a spot in PMWL East, making them the first to teams to reach that stage. Infact, almost all the other slots will go to teams qualifying via PMPLs which are being held in various countries, except Japan and South Korea.  A total of 13 spots are still left for grabs in PMWL East, which will all be decided in the weeks to come. 

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