RRQ Make a Comeback as Faze Dominate Week 1 of PMPL Thailand

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 16 Feb 2020, 03:54 PM

Faze Clan exploded onto the PUBG Mobile scene with a bang as they dominated what is officially their first time in a Tencent tournament. The team, currently playing in the PUBG Mobile Pro League in Thailand, were crowned as the champions of week 1. PMPL will be a 5 week long PUBG Mobile League, which is played on LAN and will determine which teams eventually represent Thailand at the World League. Each week consists of three days of play, ie Friday, Saturday and Sunday, making it very similar to a traditional sport model. 

The first week of play saw 24 teams play out 10 games each, with 16 teams playing each day. Faze, playing first on Friday took pole position thanks to their consistency and a clutch chicken dinner. They came back on day 3 to repeat their performance as they continued to place on top and picked up yet another WWCD, taking a commanding 35 point lead over the next best team. The team are looking really strong having picked up 93 points on day 1 and a whopping 101 on day 3. 

Meanwhile, RRQ Athena who were struggling a bit on day 1, built on their slow start, as they are known to do and finally ended up in third place, thanks to 2 chicken dinner performances. Suphanburi Esports finished week 1 in 2nd place, and were the best team on day 3 winning not only just one chicken dinner but adding a massive 113 points in just 5 games. 

RRQ Make a Comeback as Faze Dominate Week 1 of PMPL Thailand

However, almost all the teams will have plenty of time and plenty of games to make a comeback as PMPL Thailand will play out for 4 more weeks of league stage and then a finals as teams try to prove that they too can fight it out, in what is one of the hardest domestic leagues in the world. 

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