4 Out of the 10 Most Watched Games on YouTube in 2019 are Mobile Esport Titles

Shounak Sengupta
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2019 was a landmark year for mobile esports for multiple titles, spreading across multiple genres and regions. From MOBAs such as Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends to shooter such as PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars and Free Fire to strategy games such as Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, mobile titles have established themselves as accessible and popular platforms for the newer generations. The natural appeal of these titles were helped by both by content creators and a social aspect which allowed gamers to connect with friends and make gaming and watching games a social experience. In 2019, 4 out of the top 10 most watched games on YouTube were mobile titles while 7 of the top 10 games are in cross platform games available on mobile devices. 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang comes in at number 10 and while the MOBA may not be too popular globally, it has been adored by Asia. With a thriving competitive scene, the title was the 10th most viewed gaming title on YouTube, with viewers tuning in for matches, highlights, livestreams and tutorials and guides. 

At number 9 is Supercell’s Brawl Stars, which has properly established itself as an esport. The game’s graphics and feel appeals to a wide demographic of games and while the gameplay is simple, the title has quite a bit of depth in higher tiers of play. The Brawl Stars World Cup was a landmark event for the title but the title also has a dedicated community who are constantly uploading videos related to the gameplay. 

4 Out of the 10 Most Watched Games on YouTube in 2019 are Mobile Esport Titles

Image via @Supercell

Number 6 on the list was PUBG Mobile, a game with a massive community of viewers and content creators and one which has a quite stable esport ecosystem around it. The plethora of content creators around the world and especially the South Asian region is a large factor contributing to the game’s popularity and tournaments such as the PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring, PMCO Fall, PUBG Mobile India Tour, PUBG Mobile Star Challenge, which ran across the year allowed viewers to get their competitive tastebuds satisfied. 

4 Out of the 10 Most Watched Games on YouTube in 2019 are Mobile Esport Titles

Image via @Tencent Games

The most popular mobile esport title comes in at number 4 and it is none other than Garena: Free Fire. The title is massive in the South American region and has carved out a dedicated and passionate community for itself. Competitively, tournaments such as the Free Fire World Series hit massive numbers such as clocking 2 Million concurrent watching with the majority of this coming via YouTube.

4 Out of the 10 Most Watched Games on YouTube in 2019 are Mobile Esport Titles

Image via @Garena

However other than these titles, there were 3 more which may not be purely mobile or competitive but featured in the list as well. They are: Roblox at number 5, Fortnite at number 2 and Minecraft at number 1. The full list is as follows: 

10. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

9. Brawl Stars


7. League of Legends

6. PUBG Mobile

5. Roblox - 29.6 Billion views

4. Garena: Free Fire - 29.9 Billion views

3. GTA V - 36.9 Billion views

2. Fortnite - 60.0 Billion views

1. Minecraft - 100.2 Billion views

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