Free Fire World Series Saw Over 2 Million Peak Concurrent Viewers Across all Platforms

Shounak Sengupta
17/Nov/2019 04:12 pm

Cover image via @Metrojornal | Thumbnail via @Free Fire South America

Viewership numbers for Free Fire keep impressing as the recently concluded Free Fire World Series (FFWS) saw over 2 Million concurrent viewers tuning in to watch the tournament. This follows a recent trend, which also saw the Free Fire Pro League Brazil finals cross over 1 Million concurrent viewers. It's no secret that the title is the most popular one in South America, especially when it comes to mobile gaming. The region has led the way in terms of viewership and has proven to be one hell of a dedicated community. 

Esports viewership tracking website puts the peak concurrent viewership of the FFWS at just over 2 Million with viewership for the Portugese stream crossing 1 Million. It is interesting to note that the tournament was broadcast in 10 different languages on 5 different platforms, which help expand reach and allowed more regional viewership. Facebook,, YouTube, Twitch and Garena Live were the platforms on which the tournament was broadcast with YouTube bearing the bulk of the numbers. 1.9M of the 2M concurrent viewership was achieved via YouTube.  

VOD viewership by region:


The decision to use regional streams to cater to different regions and languages seems to have been a hit, as regional streams performed far better than the English streams. 

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