Indian PUBGM Teams Roster Shuffle Megathread - Transfer rumours and confirmed rosters

Indian PUBGM Teams Roster Shuffle Megathread - Transfer rumours and confirmed rosters

Shounak Sengupta
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While the PUBGM season for 2019 may not be technically over, teams have  started to prepare for the upcoming season which is widely expected to be one of the biggest years for the mobile title. Many of the Indian teams have started the process of tweaking and tinkering with their rosters, in order to find the perfect match, going into the next year. While you may think that only the teams who under performed will be affected by the changes, it certainly isn’t the case as some of the bigger teams are also looking to bolster their squads with new pickups. Here is a roster mega thread to keep up to date with all the announcements and rumors related to rosters. 

Entity Gaming

Entity Gaming are the top Indian team going into 2020. Their win at the PMCO Fall South Asia qualifiers and subsequent top 5 finish at the Fall Championship puts them in a different tier compared to the rest of the teams of the country. However, it was rumoured that the team will not remain the same. Aman who was the best performing Indian player at the South Asia qualifiers is likely to leave the team to join Team SouL. This was confirmed by their IGL Ghatak on Instagram as well. At the time of writing, there’s no confirmation as to who will be replacing Aman in Entity. However, Aman will be with the team at the upcoming PMSC World Cup in Riyadh. It was rumored that Snax will be replacing Aman in Entity but it did not turn out to be that way. 

Update: Latest rumors suggest that the player replacing Aman in Entity will be God from Zero Degree Esports. He was the top fragger in the South Asia Finals along with Aman and has been touted as one of the best upcoming players in the scene. However no official announcement has been made.

Team SouL

Team SouL continue to be India's most loved team, thanks to the presence of MortaL and to some extent, Viper. While they had a lackluster performance at the Fall Championship, the SouL spirit and the huge fan base still have them pegged for future success. At this point it is confirmed that Clutchgod will be leaving SouL to join 8bit. There are also rumors that MortaL will once again quit competitive to focus on streaming, but there is no confirmation of the same. However for now the roster remains as MortaL, Viper, Regaltos and Aman. 


Fnatic have already announced a roster changes with former 8bit player, Ash joining the lineup. Inyodream has departed the team making the current roster - Scoutop, Owais, Ronak, Paritosh, Ash. They have also added a coach in the form of professional PUBG PC player Pratik 'Aurum' Mehra

Orange Rock

Orange Rock were one of the first Indian teams to lock in their roster for the upcoming season. Both Carry and ex1stence have left the team while, Team IND's Daljitsk and Godlike's Anto have joined the squad. 


Going forward, the main roster for 8bit will become the Revenge Esports lineup that won PMIT 2019. This roster includes Trilok, Akshay, Sonic and Clutchgod. The main 8bit roster which included Ash, Ted, Prince, Akshu and Avi will no longer be there with Ash already having joined Fnatic. 

Team IND

With Daljitsk moving to Orange Rock, Team IND have lost their most lethal player. To replace him, they will be bringing in Snax from Mega X. Now the lineup will look like this - Kratos, Trance, Slayer, Snax. 

Indian Tigers Reborn 

Carry and ex1stence have left the Orange Rock lineup and will form Indian Tigers reborn, which marks a return for the IT lineup, which represented India in the Spring Split Prelims. The line up also features Gill who was formerly playing for 8bit Rampage and represented the lineup at the PMIT India Finals. 

Zero Degree Esports

Zero Degree Esports were one of the hottest teams at the South Asia Finals and many have tipped them to be the next big thing in Indian PUBG Mobile. However an internal dispute means that God will be leaving the side while Paansingh, Red, Surya and Blaezi will continue to be part of the roster. 

Reckoning Esports

Reckoning Esports have let go of their entire roster and are currently conducting trials to form a new squad. 

Team INS

Bhishma will not be in the active lineup for Team INS while Driger has joined 7 Seas. This leaves JokerFTW and Cartoonz along with Smxkie in the lineup. However, since it is the off season, the team will play with new players VampireOP and Redz from Mayhem to find a good fit for the new season. 

7 Seas

7 Seas is a newer name in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene and they have picked up a roster consisting of the following players - Driger, Imazik, Zigsaw, Viru. Zigsaw is a player from Rising Hydra and won the PMIT Group A Japiur finals. Viru was the substitute player for Entity Gaming while Imazik was a player for ORB Official. Driger was with Team INS and took part in the Prelims of PMCO Fall Championship 2019. 

VSG Crawlers

Another new team who has announced their roster is VSG Esports. Their lineup consists of Sangwan who last played for ETG.Brawlers, Roach, EvoO and CG. 

Some of the information on this thread are rumors and cannot be confirmed at the time of publishing. If you have any tips or information related to rosters and teams and would like to pass it on, feel free to drop an email to

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