PMCO Fall 2019 - South Asia Qualifiers - Day 2 Live Updates

PMCO Fall 2019 - South Asia Qualifiers - Day 2 Live Updates

Shounak Sengupta
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Welcome to our live coverage of the PMCO Fall Championship - South Asia Qualifiers as we take you through the day of intense, high octane action. For a brief introduction to the event, check out our previous articles:

Check out our end of the day recap to see which teams move onto the grand final stage and which 8 teams are eliminated. 

7:55 pm - Match 6 comes to an end - Reckoning Esports take the last win of the Playins stage

A military base circle meant that Fnatic were set for a win but some costly mistakes in the early game saw both Ronak and Dream fall. TeamIND once again were able to put up quite a few kills to bolster their position at the top but in the end Reckoning Esports were able to get the dinner. After a torrid string of performances across the two days, Reckoning finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel beating out Nepali Ho Ni in a 2v1. 

7:25 pm - Things are coming down to the wire as the last map is about to kick off. Orange Rock find themselves on the chopping block as SouL, Zero Degree, Mega X, 8bit and Nepali Ho Ni all have a chance to pick up points. 

7:00 pm - Match 5 comes to an end - 8bit finally show up to play

A bootcamp finish saw a four way showdown between 8bit, TeamIND, Fnatic and SGE. However, 8bit only came in towards the end and swept up the last few kills to take the dinner. IND put up 11 kills on the board along with a second place finish and with just one game to go, anything can happen. 

6:00 pm - Match 4 comes to an end - IND put their name on the board

The water makde things very dicey with many teams tryng to cross the river. Somehow Team IND got across with all 4 members alive.. It came down to a 4v4 with IND going up against ORB Official. While ORB held the hard cover, IND were better spread for the final fight. A messy fight ensued and Daljitsk gets his team the frags they need to secure the win. An 20 kill WWCD for TeamIND, setting the pace for the day. 

5:50 pm - Once again Fnatic and Entity Gaming are eliminated early along with ETG.Brawlers. A significant amount of water still lies within the safe zone of the 5th circle making things dicey for the remaining teams.

5:00 pm - Match 3 comes to an end- Team INS put their first win on the board

Fnatic go out in last place but manage to get two kills. Entity Gaming also suffer an early exit. The circle keeps cutting to the centre allowing all the teams to make plays. Team INS manage to move all four members into the final circle and brute force teams the rest of the teams. Orange Rock manage to finish in the top 3, again picking up crucial points to help their cause. 

4:30 pm - Group C are now in the mix while Group B takes a break. The action has kicked off on Vikendi and Fnatic feel the heat, losing both Owais and Sc0utop in an early exchange with Mayhem. 

3:50 pm - Match 2 comes to an end - GodLike pick up their first WWCD

The battle for centre control heats up as MegaStars, Orange Rock, MegaX and GodLike all jostle for position. But as the final circle cuts, GodLike find the zone first and are able to clean up the last remaining players. Some good points for Orange Rock, who were in the final 5 and found some kills as well. 

3:30 pm - Table toppers ETG.Brawlers are the first team to be eliminated. It won't affect their position at all but the other 15 teams on the server can breathe a sigh of relief now that SynerGE have eliminated the leaders. Elsewhere, Team SouL have also lost 3 players, with Viper the lone survivor. 

2:50 pm - Match 1 comes to an end - ETG.Brawlers pick up their 4th WWCD 

No surprises as ETG.Brawlers continue their magnificent run with their 4th chicken dinner in 5 games. This team is looking unstoppable as they maneuvered brilliantly in the final circles to get themselves the win. Additionally the team found 16 kills, making it the highest kill tally for a team in a single map up until now. At this point they have not only guaranteed themselves a spot in the finals stage, but are looking unstoppable.

2:30 pm - The first map of the day has kicked off on Miramar with Groups A and B starting off the action. Entity Gaming draws first blood, eliminating GodLike without a single casualty. A strong start from them! 

2: 20 pm - We are LIVE with day 2 of the PMCO South Asia Qualifier and we are in the final day of the Playins. Today's games will decide which 16 teams will make it to the final stage of the competition. In case you missed the action on Day 1, here is a brief recap. The schedule for day 2 will be as  follows: 

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