Dynamo Gaming caught making sexist comments on stream

Dynamo Gaming caught making sexist comments on stream

Shounak Sengupta
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India’s biggest PUBG Mobile streamer, Dynamo Gaming, who recently crossed the 5 million subscriber mark on his YouTube channel, was caught making sexist comments on a livestream. The incident occured on the 16th of September. In between games, Dynamo reacted to a donation message wherein a donor brings up the issue of there being a lot of negativity in the community. 

Dynamo, who himself has been subjected to a lot of hate, trolling and outright bullying from certain other content creators and YouTube channels went on a rant saying that there are some channels and personalities who only make controversial content and spread negativity and hate. He went onto compare these channel to women, saying all they like to do is gossip. The entire context and actual reaction from Dynamo can be found here. 

While it is true that a lot of channels, content creators and even streamers have targeted Dynamo consistently with some incredibly nasty comments and foul language, this type of reaction is not expected from Dynamo himself as he commands such a huge fan base. While calling out trolls and bullies is one thing, comparing them to women and equating an entire gender to a few YouTube channels who he feels have wronged him isn’t really a mature thing to do. There is little doubt that the comments are indeed sexist and while it may have been said under a moment of bad judgement, it is still offensive. 

It’s unclear how the community and Dynamo’s own fans will react but we certainly hope that he reaches out to offer an apology or at the very least, an explanation. With PUBG Mobile streamers and personalities rising to fame at such a fast rate, incidents like these are becoming more and more common. Just last month, Tanmay Singh aka Sc0utOP and Naman Mathur aka MortaL were involved in a bit of controversy over rosters and teams leading to long standoff which was eventually resolved when the duo met at PMSC in Taiwan.

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