2024 MLBB CN Pre-Season Invitational Announced Following Initial Launch of the Game



2024 MLBB CN Pre-Season Invitational Announced Featuring Chinese Esports Giants

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Following the launch of Mobile Legends in China, the 2024 MLBB CN Pre-Season Invitational esports event was announced.
The tournament features powerhouse names in the Chinese esports scene.
Here is what you need to know about the 2024 MLBB CN Pre-season Invitational.

The 2024 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) China (CN) Pre-season Invitational was officially announced following the game's initial launch in the region. The tournament is now ongoing and shall last until 31st March 2024. The 2024 MLBB CN Pre-season Invitational Group Stage is scheduled to be held from 21st - 24th March followed by the Knockout Stage on 29th March leading to the grand finale on 31st March. Esteemed esports powerhouses from across China converge in a battle for supremacy, showcasing the region's formidable talent and competitive spirit.

Here is what you need to know about the 2024 MLBB CN Pre-season Invitational.

Chinese powerhouse names set to clash in the 2024 MLBB CN Pre-season Invitational

The 2024 MLBB CN Pre-season Invitational unfolds in two stages, each showcasing the prowess of eight elite Chinese teams: JD Gaming, KeepBest Gaming, LongLong Gaming, Mi Ya Gaming, NOVA Esports, Xianyou Gaming, MXG, and MAX.

These titans of the mobile gaming realm converge to vie for supremacy, demonstrating their skill and strategy on the Mobile Legends esports scene.

The top-performing teams will ascend to the pinnacle of esports glory, securing coveted berths in the Esports World Cup (EWC) China Qualification Tournament, held in conjunction with the esteemed MLBB Mid-Season Cup (MSC) 2024.

2024 MLBB CN Pre-season Invitational


Mike Chu, the Head of MLBB CN Esports, heralds this momentous occasion as a cornerstone in the evolution of Chinese esports. "We hope to create a stable competition system for domestic clubs quickly, establish competitive training opportunities for professional players, and bring the highest level of competition content for players who are looking forward to the launch and testing of MLBB CN in the short term."

"We will strive to provide professional opportunities to grassroots and professional Chinese players, showcasing the growth, strength, and potential of Chinese esports to an audience of over one billion global players; we will also bring a new mobile MOBA track to esports clubs and partners, working side by side with teams leading more than over 50 countries and regions to help our domestic partners establish greater globalisation opportunities," Mike Chu added.

The participation of esteemed esports organizations such as NOVA Esports and KBG underscores the significance of this inaugural event. NOVA Esports, fresh from its triumph in the first-ever MLBB tournament on Chinese soil, embodies the spirit of innovation and ambition. 

CEO Li Tingting expresses unwavering confidence in their quest for dominance, "NOVA Esports has always prioritized the growth and expansion of esports globally. Joining MLBB CN and learning more about the tournament and local esports roadmap has made us very optimistic about the path of its global esports ecosystem. We look forward to participating in the 2024 MLBB CN tournament, with a long-term goal in mind to win all related tournaments. Our current goal is to obtain a direct spot in the Esports World Cup (EWC) held in Saudi Arabia, represent China, and compete with many overseas rivals."

Similarly, KBG's CEO, Zhao Yuan, reflects on the team's pioneering journey on the global esports arena. "In the M5 Wild Card tournament, KBG experienced the intensity of the MLBB global competition and the enthusiastic atmosphere of the event. With the rapid development of Chinese esports in the MOBA domain, MLBB CN is one of the pioneering leaders. Among many Chinese teams, KBG is honored to join the MLBB global esports ecosystem as a domestic pioneer, and together promote and witness the launch and development of MLBB CN to exert a healthy and positive social influence."

Where to watch 2024 MLBB CN Pre-season Invitational

Fans can tune in to upcoming matches through the official broadcast channels;

The resonance of MLBB CN transcends regional boundaries, resonating with players and enthusiasts alike. With the endorsement of MLBB Esports and the Esports World Cup Foundation, this groundbreaking title ascends to new heights, cementing its status as a premier esports phenomenon.

As the countdown to the MSC 2024 and Mobile Legends Women's Invitational in Riyadh draws near, anticipation reaches a fever pitch. China's allocation of slots in these esteemed competitions reflects the nation's burgeoning influence in the global esports landscape, promising a new chapter in the esports title’s global expansion.

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