2023 NACT Fall Season Implements Rules to Prevent Travel Complications


2023 NACT Fall Season Implements Rules to Prevent Travel Complications

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The 2023 NACT Fall Season now requires teams to be ready for both domestic and international travel.
The new rule shall also prepare teams if they earn a ticket to the M5 World Championship.
The tournament shall kick off with the Open Qualifiers on 29th July.

The 2023 North America Challenger Tournament (NACT) has taken decisive action by unveiling a comprehensive set of rules aimed at averting travel-related visas and guardian consent complications, especially for minors. The catalyst for these new regulations was an incident during the spring season, where the champion, BloodThirstyKings (BTK), was unable to participate in the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023 due to travel issues. As a result, the runner-up, Team Outplay, took their place as the representative. With a proactive approach, the revised 2023 NACT Fall Season rules not only ensure seamless participation in future events but also proactively equip teams for the prestigious M5 World Championship should they qualify.

2023 NACT Fall Season now requires teams to prepare VISA and Passport before joining

Through a Facebook post, the new rules for the NACT Fall Season 2023 have been revealed. To prevent the issue from last season, teams must now make sure that every member is prepared for both domestic and international travel.

The first rule states that “Players entering the Regular Season must either be a standing US/Canadian Citizen with valid passports expiring no earlier than July 2024 or have valid United States VISA that allows them to travel to the United States during the required offline Playoff and Grand Final. Upon entering the Regular Season, players must demonstrate valid documentation for entering or staying in the United States, failure to do so might result in Disqualification and more.”

The second rule is specifically for minors which states “Players below the age of 18 yrs old must have notarized consent from a legal guardian for all required travel plans that might take place for NACT Fall Season (Domestic Travel) and M5 World Championship(International Travel).”

Fans and interested players can check the official 2023 NACT Fall Season tournament rulebook for more details about the new rules implemented.

How to join the 2023 NACT Fall Season

For interested teams who want to compete in the upcoming 2023 NACT Fall Season, here is how you can register.

  • Players must sign up for a Start.GG account and have their Team captains register their team in the following link.

  • Create an invitation link and invite all the members of the team.

  • Each team must have a minimum of five members in order to register for the 2023 NACT Fall Season.

  • Team roster can be fully modified before the Open Qualifier starts on 29th July.

For more details about the 2023 NACT Fall Season tournament, players and fans can join the official Mobile Legends North America Discord server.

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