Why New State is the Spiritual Successor to BGMI

Abhimannu Das
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New State


New State Mobile may be the perfect game for BGMI players to transition to amidst the game's ban.
While New State is more hardware intensive, it offers a much better graphical experience.
At the time of writing, New State is still available and has not been banned.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) fans continue to anxiously wait for the game’s un-ban in India, and things are not looking too bright. We are sitting in radio silence for months and we do not know if Krafton will be able to get the ban reversed. However, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) New State aka New State Mobile is still available in India and you can try out the game. Here are five reasons why New State is the spiritual successor to BGMI.

Five reasons why New State might be every BGMI players' next destination

Next-gen graphics

The art style pioneered by PUBG on PC and Xbox was replicated in PUBG Mobile and BGMI but New State stands out with its stellar graphics and futuristic world. The downside of the upgraded graphics is accessibility. A lot of entry-level smartphones are unable to run New State Mobile at high framerates but if you have a midrange or high-end smartphone, New State runs like a charm.

Nostalgia with a twist

Erangel is the most iconic PUBG map and it is present in New State. We get to experience the map in a brand-new avatar thanks to the game being set in the future (2051). In addition to a reimagined Erangel, there are exclusive maps that New State offers as well for its Deathmatch and Battle Royale: Extreme modes.

Extreme battle royale

The game introduces its signature Battle Royale: Extreme mode which seeks to be a faster version of the classic battle royale mode. The playable area is much smaller and it makes the games a lot more chaotic and fun. Players can’t rely on camping and you see a lot more action.

The future of PUBG

New State Mobile shows us what the future of the PUBG universe looks like with exclusive vehicles like the Vulture and Search Drones. The weapons have also been revamped and weapons like the MK47 Mutant feel incredible to use.

Improved weapon customization

Nw State Mobile has a superior weapon customization system that you can use to modify your weapons. The game offers unique attachments that make them feel completely different from what you might be used to. The attachments also feel a lot more impactful and chasing after loot is more rewarding.

New State Mobile might not have the same hype surrounding it as BGMI, but it does stand out and might be the next big title players deviate towards if BGMI does not return.

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