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Who Is Medal Esports?

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Medal Esports is one of the upcoming esports organizations in India which has rosters in various esports titles like Valorant, BGMI and Counter Strike.
Medal Esports entered the mobile gaming scene with its BGMI roster and signed the ex Revenant Esports BGMI team.

Many esports organizations in India have been trying to make a mark in the Indian esports scene through their rosters in various esports titles. The mobile gaming industry has seen a surge in players and teams since the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in May 2023. Medal Esports is one of the organizations that announced its BGMI roster with the return of BGMI in India.

Medal Esports’ BGMI team has put forth decent performances across various events and has secured the 13th spot in the AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings.

Medal Esports: Roster and Achievements

Medal Esports is one of the upcoming esports organizations in India and it made its entry into the Indian gaming scene with its Valorant roster in 2022. It enjoyed a good amount of success through it before entering the BGMI esports scene in 2023. The organization signed the ex Revenant Esports BGMI roster and put forth good performances in the initial events, but it is yet to show consistent performances. 

This is Medal Esports’ BGMI roster 2024:

Medal Esports signed the ex Revenant Esports BGMI roster to enter the BGMI scene in India. Recently the squad made some changes to its roster with Jaideep “Kyoya” Mankar leaving the squad to join Team X Spark. To boost the squad's fire power it also added the likes of Sayyam “Sayyam” Ostwal and Sheehan "Zeno" Chouhan for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 event.

These are Medal Esports’ result in some of the major BGMI events:

The Medal Esports squad played the BGMI Pro Scrims arranged by Nodwin Esports as its first tournament and the team put forth good performances and placed fourth, but it struggled in the following events and was not able to show consistency. Its best performance came in the India Today League Invitational where it placed second and was able to dominate against seasoned teams. It also showed consistent performances in the BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 2023 and BGMI India Series (BGIS) 2023 events where it placed 6th in both the events. It also played the BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 event but was not able to grab a spot in the LAN Grand Finals.

Medal Esports: Owners, Sponsors and Other Info

Kabir Kohli is the Founder and CEO of Medal Esports with Adamya “Damzy” Varun Singh as the Co-COO and Head of Esports and Debmalya “Mystic” Dutta as the Co-COO and Team Manager. Medal Esports also has rosters in other esports titles like Valorant, Counter Strike and Fortnite.

Current Partners/Sponsors: Nissan.

Social Media:

Although Medal Esports’ BGMI roster has not won any major events it is placed in the 13th spot in the AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings because of its performance in some of the third party events in 2024. 

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