When Is the Mobile Legends Ranked Season 28 Start and End Date?

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When is the Mobile Legends Ranked Season 28 Start and End Date


The Mobile Legends Ranked Season 28 shall kick off on 25th March.
MLBB Ranked Season 28 shall conclude on 30th June 2023.
Players can earn a plethora of rewards in Season 28 including a rank exclusive skin for the hero Lapu-Lapu.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Season 28 is set to kick off on 25th March with a new set of exclusive rewards for players to earn. The season shall feature a new theme with a brand new rank division between Mythic and Mythic Glory, as revealed by Moonton in a Twitter post. The Mobile Legends Rank Season shall run for a total of three months, similar to the previous seasons. Once the season ends, players will have their rank reset depending on how high they have climbed on the competitive ladder. Players shall also earn various end-season rewards like in-game Tickets and Battle Points.

The Ranked Season 28 has officially concluded. If you are looking to know when Is the Mobile Legends Ranked Season 29 Start and End Date, click here.

When will the Mobile Legends Ranked Season 28 End?

The Mobile Legends Ranked Season 28 shall conclude sometime on 30th June 2023. Ranked seasons usually last for three months, unless Moonton decides to change the duration of a season.

ML Season 28 Ranked Reset

Here is a complete list of ML ranked down for each division;

Mobile Legends Ranked Season 28 skin reward

The upcoming exclusive skin reward for Ranked Season 28 is for the hero Lapu-Lapu. 

Mobile Legends Ranked Season 28 Exclusive Skin Reward

Players can also earth Mythic coins to exchange for a free skin as they make progress in the ranked ladder. These skins are decided through player votes. However, only those who reach the Mythic tier and earn a vote token can participate in the voting process.

Mobile Legends Ranked Season 28 Mythic Skin Reward

Players should take note that they can only earn a total of 10 Mythic coins per season. This means they must reach the Mythic tier for four seasons in order to unlock the exclusive skin.

Aside from free skins, players can also earn a plethora of cosmetics by completing tasks in the Road to Mythic section of the game. The rewards include profile backgrounds, Magic Dusts, and Battle Points.

The  Mobile Legends ranked season 28 shall incentivize players to climb higher in the ranked ladder to claim a generous amount of prizes, including a free skin on top of the exclusive skin that can be acquired through playing ranked matches. It will be interesting to see what more surprises Moonton has in store for players in the upcoming competitive season. 

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