How Do You Push a Fast Rank in Mobile Legends

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How Do You Push a Fast Rank in Mobile Legends



Climbing the ranked ladder in Mobile Legends can be a grueling task to make.
It takes a lot of patience and effort to climb to Mythic rank in Mobile Legends.
Here are some tips on how you can push a fast rank in Mobile Legends.

Playing ranked games is one of the best ways to test your skills in every competitive game. “How do you push a fast rank in Mobile Legends?” is one of the commonly asked questions by players who are looking to reach the top of the competitive ladder as soon as possible. Winning matches in ranked games is not an easy task to accomplish. However, there are several ways in which players can lessen the difficulty or increase their chances of winning to reach Mythic rank in as little time as possible. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to push a fast rank in Mobile Legends.

Play in a 5-man squad

This is one of the most effective strategies if you are looking to rank up fast in Mobile Legends. Playing with friends or people you trust can improve your communication in-game and increase your chances of winning matches.

Play Meta Heroes

While playing heroes you are comfortable with helps in lower tier ranks, learning how to use meta heroes can provide you with a significant boost in your win rate. These heroes are usually the most powerful heroes but may vary depending on the gameplay changes implemented in every patch update.

Learn to play more than one role

One of the most common problems with players is that they can only play one role in Mobile Legends. This makes it hard for them to make adjustments to fit into the team composition in ranked matches. Players should learn at least two roles in the game so they don’t underperform whenever they are forced to play another role aside from their specialization.

Learn to play more than one role in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

Never Surrender

You only lose when it’s over. One or two of your teammates might still be farming for a late-game power boost or they might be waiting for the opportune engagement to annihilate the opposing team. Always give it your all and play the game all the way through if you want to push a fast rank in Mobile Legends.

These tips will increase your chances at winning more ranked games in Mobile Legends. However, keep in mind that it takes a lot of patience and effort if you want to reach the top ranks. 

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