How to Get Mythic Rank in Mobile Legends

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How to Get Mythic Rank in Mobile Legends



Climbing the Mythic rank in Mobile Legends is not an easy task.
Players need patience and determination if they wish to climb the highest rank in Mobile Legends.
Here are a few tips that may help players reach the Mythic rank in Mobile Legends.

“How to get Mythic Rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” is one of the commonly asked questions by players. This rank is the highest tier achievable in the game’s competitive ladder. Players can also acquire generous rewards as well as unique titles for bragging rights as they reach Mythic rank in Mobile Legends. Learning how to rank up fast in the game can also be beneficial to players who are looking to reach the highest tier as it requires a lot of time and effort to become one of the top players in the game. Here are a few tricks on how you can get to Mythic Rank in Mobile Legends.

Find your comfort heroes

Playing heroes that are in the meta can be beneficial for players. However, most of these heroes require practice, especially if you are still new to the game. Discovering the heroes you are most comfortable with can help you win matches despite the constant changes in the meta. 

Find your comfort heroes in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends

Get familiar with meta heroes in Mobile Legends

Once you have your own pocket picks in ranked games, learning about which heroes are good in the meta can help you win matches and reach Mythic rank in Mobile Legends fast. These heroes vary depending on the gameplay and hero changes that get implemented. 

Heroes like Chou, Wanwan, and Pharsa are some of the heroes that have always stayed relevant despite multiple patch updates.

Play in a five-man squad

Playing alone can be very frustrating as you may get matched with random players who may underperform or show toxicity. Playing with your friends or players you trust can help you communicate better and secure more wins than playing solo in ranked matches.

Do not show toxicity

It is common in online games to meet players who trash talk or criticize every mistake their team made. While it may be tempting to respond with toxic words, it is best to ignore them. Focus on your goal of winning and mute those who are distracting you. 

If someone underperforms, tell them what they need to work on instead of trash-talking them for being bad at the game. They are less likely to feed the enemy or lose focus if you’re nice to them.

Do not show toxicity in Mobile Legends

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Those are the tips on how to get Mythic Rank in Mobile Legends. Take note that reaching the highest rank tier is not an easy task and will require patience and determination.

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