How to Rank Up Fast in Mobile Legends

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How to Get Rank up Fast in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends

Ranking up in Mobile Legends can be a rough journey for a player.
The rewards get better as players climb higher in the rank ladder.
Here is a guide on how you can rank up fast in Mobile Legends.

Winning ranked games in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) can be quite hard to achieve especially if played alone. As players reach a higher tier in the ranked ladder, the skill level required to win starts to increase. However, the rewards that can be acquired in higher ranks also get more prestigious especially when players reach the Mythic rank. Playing your comfort picks may not be enough to win a match in higher ranks. The meta may also change when a patch update makes adjustments to certain heroes or in-game mechanics. Here is a guide on how players can rank up fast in Mobile Legends.

Use meta heroes

Meta (Most Effective Tactics Available) heroes are those who can provide the most impact in matches, especially in ranked games. These heroes can significantly boost a player’s win rate if they can master how these meta heroes work.

However, it is also important to note that learning how to use meta heroes is also required to make them effective. Some of these heroes may be hard to master but will definitely help players rank up fast in Mobile Legends.

Use meta heroes to rank up fast in Mobile Legends.

Play with a 5-man MLBB squad

Playing alone can be a stressful experience for a lot of players. Having friends or players you trust can be beneficial when playing ranked games. Playing with a 5-man squad will allow the team to communicate better and therefore potentially set up big plays and win matches.

Playing with a 5-man squad may also speed up queue times and help you rank up fast in Mobile Legends as you can spend more time playing the game than waiting for long periods of time for the matchmaking queue to finish.

Avoid playing during peak hours

This tactic is optional but may prove beneficial for players who have more time to play MLBB. During peak hours, there will be a lot of players looking to climb in ranked games. This also increases the chances of being matched with players who would either throw a game or have disconnection issues. Playing during a specific time where there are less players can significantly increase your chances of being matched with players who are likely to help you carry games and rank up fast in Mobile Legends.

Timings can vary per region so take your time and observe when good players usually start playing the game as you queue up in MLBB. 

Never surrender

You lose games that you give up. You may have one or two teammates who are still farming for their late game power spike or just looking for the right engagement that can wipe out the enemy team. Always play the game to the very end and do your best in the process.

Avoid trash talking your allies

There is no benefit in trash talking in the game. Maintaining a positive attitude can help players rank up fast in Mobile Legends. By being friendly to your allies, they are likely to remain calm and would perform better than being distracted because someone is criticizing their playstyle in a negative way.

If a teammate is trash talking you, simply mute them instead of responding to them. Focus on winning the game instead of chatting and getting distracted.

Climbing the rank ladder in MLBB can be a long and hard journey. However, players still need to play the game at a moderate pace and take breaks every now and then. Playing and having fun in the process is still one of the best strategies on how to rank up fast in Mobile Legends.

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