When Will Chip Release in Mobile Legends?


When Does Chip Release in Mobile Legends?

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Chip is one of the upcoming heroes in Mobile Legends, according to the advanced server of the game.
The release date of Chip is yet to be officially unveiled by Moonton.
New heroes are usually added every two to three months, which means Chip may be arriving some time in March 2024.

The upcoming Tank hero Chip in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is set to release in March 2024. The new hero may be a meta changer with its unique mechanic of teleportation that his allies make use of paired with reliable Crowd Control (CC) effects. This mechanic can be used by Chip in Mobile Legends to either engage in combat or ensure the safety of the entire team by giving them a way to escape. What makes this teleportation mechanic unique to other heroes is that he can travel anywhere on the map with little to no resources needed.

Here is what we know about the release date of Chip in Mobile Legends as well as his abilities.

Mobile Legends Chip Release Date

According to leaks, the upcoming MLBB hero Chip is set to be released on 16th March 2024. He is classified as a support-engage tank that can teleport allies to enemies. 

As a hero who can teleport around the map, this hero is perfect as a roamer, for setting up ambushes to catch enemies off guard. 

Keep in mind that Moonton is yet to official announce the release date of the Chip in ML. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the near future.

Chip skills in Mobile Legends

Here is a quick look at the abilities of Chip in ML;

Passive: Snack Time!

  • Chips starts eating potato chips when out of combat, regenerating HP after finishing a whole bag. After eating a bag of chips, Chip cannot eat again for a few seconds.

Skill 1: Crash Course

  • Rams his hovercraft into the ground, dealing Magic Damage and applying Chip's Mark on enemy heroes hit. Chip gains a shield upon hitting an enemy hero, which increases for each additional hero hit. Chip's next Basic Attack will become ranged and also hit all nearby enemies with Chip's Mark, detonating the mark to deal Magic Damage and stun each target.

Skill 2: Overtime

  • Chip rushes forward, gaining movement speed, after which he maintains the max speed.

  • Chip's next Basic Attack will cause him to charge at the enemy, dealing Magic Damage and knocking them back slightly.

Ultimate: Shortcut

  • Chip drops the Main Portal on an enemy hero, dealing Magic Damage and slowing them. Meanwhile, he creates Connecting Portals near allied heroes (excluding allies within a few units of Chip) and behind the allied Base.

  • Connecting Portal: Heroes can teleport from Connecting Portals to the Main Portal, or stand on the Main Portal for a period of time to return to the Connecting Portal they came from.

  • Main Portal: Deals Magic Damage to nearby targets after a delay and knocks them airborne. The Main Portal inherits a portion of Chip's HP.

Special Skill: Why Walk?

Chip has Beacons on the map. Chip can stand on a Beacon to enable this skill and then use it to teleport to any other Beacon.

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