Players can plant and throw several grenades, mines and more in COD Mobile.



What Is Lethal Equipment in COD Mobile?

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There are a total of six lethal equipment types you can equip in COD Mobile.
These can be equipped through the loadout - multiplayer menu in the game.

Lethal Equipment are throwable or plantable weapons players can equip as a part of their loadout in Call of Duty: Mobile. Lethal equipment in COD Mobile generally consists of grenades, mines, molotovs and a throwable axe which do area of effect damage to enemies. Frag grenades and sticky grenades are useful in taking out snipers hiding in buildings while trip mines are great for setting up a perimeter defense if you’re sniping. There are a total of six lethal equipment items currently available in the game. All lethal equipment does a decent chunk of damage while the combat axe kills instantly.

List of Lethal Equipment in COD Mobile

There are currently six lethal equipments in Call of Duty: Mobile, and here’s a list of all of them.

Frag Grenade

Base skin Frag Grenade


It is a grenade that explodes after a few seconds. It has a radius of 50 and damage of 50.

Sticky Grenade

Base skin Sticky Grenade


A grenade that sticks to surfaces and explodes after a few seconds. It has a higher damage of 60 compared to the normal frag grenade but the same radius of 50.

Trip Mine

Base skin Trip Mine


A magnetic mine that launches into the air and detonates when an enemy interrupts the beam. It has a radius of 50 and 65 damage.

Combat Axe

Base skin Combat Axe


A throwable axe that kills enemies instantly on impact. It has a radius of 35 and damage of 100. Unlike other lethal equipment in COD Mobile which is expendable, you can retrieve the axe.


Base skin Thermite


Sticks to surfaces and burns enemies upon getting triggered. It has a radius of 50 and a damage of 40.

Molotov Cocktail

Base skin Molotov Cocktail


It explodes on impact and burns an area for a short duration of time. It has a damage of 60 and a radius of 40.

Players can equip lethal equipment by navigating to the loadout screen from the main menu in COD Mobile.

Players can equip lethal equipment in COD Mobile through the loadout screen for multiplayer.


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