Top 5 Best Guns To Use at Close Range in BGMI 2.6 Update

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Top 5 Best Guns To Use at Close Range in BGMI 2.6 Update


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With the new update that is expected for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), there has been significant tuning of the firearms. What used to be options to avoid, are now the new threats. So, with the release of an all-new BGMI, it's time to upgrade your armory as well. This article will tell you about the top 5 guns to use in close range that will guarantee you superior firepower. We have also left some tips on common mistakes you should avoid to tackle their drawbacks. Please note that the list is limited to spawn loot only and does not include airdrop weapons.

Top 5 Best weapons to seal victory in close range in BGMI 2.6

PP19 - Bizon

First of all, the SMGs are getting a huge buff with the 2.6 update. Now you can sprint and fire at the same time with SMGs which will take jiggle and jump mechanics to the next level. We have placed the Bizon at the fifth spot because it is the best SMG for beginners. The gun comes with a huge magazine size and a relatively low firing speed. So if you struggle with accuracy, this is your go to SMG as you will not run out of ammos during a fight. The major dropside of Bizon is its significantly low bullet velocity. So always remember to pre-fire while using this gun and do not peak from angles that enemies are already holding. This gun is one of the easiest to control in the SMG category, but don't let that fool you and take long range fights. While using Bizon, try to be as close to your enemy as possible otherwise the sloppy bullet velocity will keep your foe at advantage instead.

PP19 - Bizon

UMP 45

If you have decent experience in the game, you already know why the UMP is at the fourth spot. Hi damage, exceptional range, decent fire rate, and impeccable accuracy, this gun brings the best of all the categories. From last year, this has become a very popular choice among professional players in esports lobbies. Due to its all round performance, you don't need to worry about what grip you put on or which range you are engaging from. You can swap between crosshair and ADS as the occasion arises. So if you are a sniper or a marksman specialist, you can keep this as your primary weapon as it is the most versatile choice you will find in the game.

UMP 45

Screengrab from PUBG Mobile Website


Now as we enter the realm of pros, we have guns that are harder to control but yield better results. Carrying the highest damage for bullets, the 7.62 guns are one of the biggest threats on the battlegrounds. There are two similar options here - the AKM and the M762. It is crucial to land head shots to reap the ultimate advantage of these guns. The AKM comes with higher headshot damage whereas the M762 with the higher fire rate is a better option if you hit body shots. Also, make sure you have the compensator on for both these guns.

M762/AKM in BGMI


UZI / Vector

At number 2, we have the 9mm duo, UZI and Vector. The absurdly high fire rate of these guns makes you an immediate threat in 1v1s. Due to the small magazine size, it requires a daunting level of weapon mastery to actually be effective using these two. However the 9mm guns are least effective against level 3 armor. So the best time to use it are the early fights. And do not forget to attach that extended mag.

UZI and Vector from BGMI

Screengrab from Krafton


If you have been following PUBG Mobile esports, you won't argue about why there's a shotgun sitting at the number one spot. The DBS has come up as one of the most dangerous weapons that the game has ever seen. It is highly accurate, has better range and comes with better fire rate than most shotguns in the game. Its magazine capacity is enough to wipe out an entire squad without reloading. But at the end of the day, it is a shotgun, and bringing it to a gunfight is always a gamble. Players are advised to solely focus on aim and take down the enemy within the first two shots. If your enemies are aware that you are using the DBS, they will also put their guard up and focus on dodging your bullets. It is crucial for the DBS user to take their sweet time adjusting their aim properly before firing. The gun is also the deadliest option whether you are holding a TPP or pushing a building.

This was our recommended list for the top 5 guns to use in close range. Remember to play TDM to test your hand with these guns before you risk yourself in the classic mode. Please note that these are not the only choice but surely an effective suggestion.

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