PUBG Mobile: All You Need to know About Portal Staff Item to Teleport and Dominate


PUBG Mobile: All You Need to know About Portal Staff Item to Teleport and Dominate

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Wield the mystical Portal Staff to open dual temporary portals, enabling instant teleportation across the map for flanking and repositioning.
Master portal timing as they dissipate after 15-20 seconds, and watch for enemies destroying your portals to cut off teleportation.

One of the most exciting additions in PUBG Mobile's thrilling 3.1 Skyhigh Spectacle update is the Portal Staff. This mystical item allows players to create temporary portals, enabling quick traversal across the map and setting up tactical advantages against unsuspecting opponents. Mastering this unique item, and you'll offer you a significant advantage over those who don't understand its full potential. In thus guide, we will talk about it's mechanics, best applications, disadvantages and more.

Everything You Need to Know about Portal Staff in PUBG Mobile 3.1

How to Find Portal Staff

To wield the Portal Staff's power, players must first obtain it during a match. It can be found as floor loot or in airdrops. Once acquired, access the Throwables menu and select the Portal Staff option.

Portal Staff - new item in PUBGM 3.1 update

Portal Staff - new item

How Portal Staff Works

Using the Portal Staff is relatively straightforward. Simply aim at your desired destination and activate the staff to open a portal there. A second portal will simultaneously open near your current location. These dual portals create a temporary gateway, allowing you and your teammates to instantly teleport between the two points.

Taking Advantage of Instant Teleportation

  1. The first tactic is to open a portal behind an enemy squad, enabling you and your team to launch a devastating surprise attack from an unexpected angle. Alternatively, you can use portals to quickly reach advantageous positions, secure high ground, or escape hairy situations.

  2. It is also worth noting that portals can be used from both ends. So remember to deploy your portal in such a place where enemies won't be able to reach quickly such as rooftops or high grounds where they can't directly reach.

  3. You can also take vehicles such as Buggy & Motor Cycles through the portal to create cover at the other side and give yourself a better edge.

  4. An incredibly useful offensive tactic is to toss throwables such as grenades or Molotov cocktails through the portals to hit enemies camping on the other side. Simply open a portal near the enemy's position, then lob your explosive ordnance through - it will emerge on their side, catching them completely unaware. A skillful combination of throwables dropped through portals and repositioning maneuvers will allow you to decimate camped enemies without ever putting yourself at risk by blindly rushing through.

Placing a Grenade through the Portal in PUBG Mobile 3.1

Placing a Grenade through the Portal

Limitations of Portal Staff

  1. It's important to note that these portals have a limited duration, so timing is crucial. After a period of 15 to 20 seconds, the portals will dissipate, preventing further teleportation. Keep this in mind when executing portal-based strategies.

  2. To add another layer of complexity, portals can be destroyed by enemy fire. If an opponent spots one of your portals, they may attempt to shoot it down, cutting off your means of teleportation. Be prepared to create new portals if yours are compromised.

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