Top 5 Ways To Get Best Loot In PUBG Mobile And BGMI 3.1 Event Mode


5 Ways to Get Best Loot in PUBG Mobile & BGMI 3.1 Event Mode: Skyhigh Spectacle

A comprehensive guide to obtaining the rarest loot in PUBG Mobile's Mystical 3.1 Update

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The highly anticipated 3.1 update for PUBG Mobile has arrived, bringing a wealth of new content and game-changing features. Among the most exciting additions are the elusive and well-guarded loot stashes scattered across the maps. Securing these valuable treasures can mean the difference between victory and defeat, so it's essential to know where to look and how to access them.

In this article, we'll guide you through the best strategies for finding and obtaining the most coveted loot in the PUBG Mobile and BGMI 3.1 Event Mode.

Must Know Tricks to Get Best Loot in PUBG Mobile and BGMI 3.1 Event Mode

1. Summon the Genie on Nimbus Island

At the center of the Nimbus Island, you'll find a magic lamp. Unlock it, and you'll have the opportunity to summon a genie. This mystical being will bestow upon you level three armor, airdrop weapons, an Elegant Flying Carpet, and a Genie Respawn Card, granting you a third respawn opportunity – a valuable advantage in the heat of battle.

Summoning Genie in Nimbus Island in PUBG Mobile 3.1

Summoning Genie in Nimbus Island

2. Scour the Festival Towns

Small event locations known as Festival Towns can be found scattered across the map. Each town houses a treasure crate behind a locked door, which can be opened by triggering mechanisms strategically placed throughout the area. Keep an eye out for these mechanisms and be prepared to face stiff competition from other players vying for the same loot.

Festival Towns in PUBG Mobile 3.1

Festival Town

3. Seek Out the Auspicious Vaults

Four Auspicious Vaults have been added to the game, and they hold some of the most coveted treasures. To unlock these vaults, you'll need a special key, which can be found randomly in crates or by following the guidance of treasure maps. Inside the vaults, you'll find basic loot, two treasure crates, and a unique feature: the ability to teleport to a random location directly from within the vault, providing a tactical advantage over potential campers.

Auspicious Vaults in PUBG Mobile 3.1

Auspicious Vaults

4. Board the Flying Boats

The Flying Boats, also known as Sky Treasure Ships, follow predetermined paths across the map, making stops at specific locations. Board these ships, scavenge for basic loot, and use the onboard cannons to launch yourself towards unsuspecting targets on the ground below. However, the true treasure aboard these ships is only activated at the final destination, so be sure to stay on board until the end.

Sky treasure ship in PUBG Mobile

Sky Treasure ships

5. Get the P90 Submachine Gun from Air Drops

The 3.1 update introduces the P90 submachine gun, a redesigned version of the classic weapon. This airdrop-only gun boasts a sleek new design with an integrated laser sight and scope but cannot be equipped with additional attachments. It fires the new 5.7mm ammunition, which comes in limited quantities, so use it wisely. Securing this powerful weapon can give you a significant advantage in combat.

By following these tips and strategies, you'll increase your chances of uncovering the best loot in PUBG Mobile and BGMI 3.1 update. Remember, patience, perseverance, and a keen eye for detail are essential when hunting for these treasures. Master the art of looting, and you'll be well on your way to victory on the battlegrounds.

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