PUBG Mobile 3.1 Patch Reveals DBS Nerf, P90 Buff, And More


PUBG Mobile 3.1 Patch Reveals DBS Nerf, P90 Buff, and More

Ahsan Kabir
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P90 SMG revamped as air drop-exclusive with unique ammo.
Rifles ACE32 and M762 get recoil and animation upgrades.
Shotguns DBS and M1014 see damage model adjustments.

With the PUBG Mobile 3.1 patch now out, significant adjustments has been made to various firearms in the game. The iconic P90 SMG is being revamped, transitioning to an air drop-exclusive weapon with unique 5.7mm ammo, built-in suppressor, and adjustable sight magnification. Rifles like the ACE32 and M762 receive recoil and animation improvements.

Shotguns also see tweaks, with the DBS getting reduced damage multipliers and the M1014 experiencing increased damage decay. These adjustments aim to enhance balance and freshen up the gameplay experience across different firearm categories.

Firearm Adjustments in PUBG Mobile 3.1 Patch

Revamped P90 for Airdrops:

  • The P90 firearm can mainly be found on the ground. After the revamp, it will return to being the first SMG to be obtained via airdrop crates.

  • The new P90 firearm will spawn in airdrop crates and use a unique 5.7mm ammo. It has a high rate of fire and extremely low recoil.

  • It comes with a built-in suppressor and laser sight, but cannot be equipped with other firearm attachments.

  • The new P90 firearm has an exclusive sight that can switch between 2 different levels of magnification.

AR Adjustments

  • The ACE32 now has reduced vertical and horizontal recoil, a faster firing animation, improved firing stability, and a slightly increased rate of fire.

  • The M762 now has slightly reduced recoil and a slightly faster firing animation.

Shotgun Adjustments:

  • DBS: The DBS now has a slightly decreased firing interval and reduced damage multiplier for hitting the head and body.

  • M1014: The M1014 now has an increased damage decay.

Adjustments in the shotgun category, especially the DBS Nerf, takes the limelight. The gun has long been condemned by casual and pro players alike due to its overpowering nature, making it a must-have to survive pressure situations.

However, the adjustments applied are not very heavy, so they won't entirely neutralize the two-tap shotgun's effectiveness. As most players are now already skilled enough to handle it's tricky fire rate.

Let's see how the nerf fares in bringing it down from the god tier while giving other weapons some room to breath at close range.

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