Kilo 141 vs. LK 24; A Comparison of COD: Mobile's Strongest ARs

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Kilo 141 vs. LK 24; A Comparison of COD: Mobile's Strongest ARs</p></div>
Kilo 141 vs. LK 24; A Comparison of COD: Mobile's Strongest ARs


COD: Mobile

Choosing Your Arsenal: Kilo 141 vs. LK 24

In Call of Duty Mobile, the two most dominant and popular assault rifles in the game right now are the Kilo 141 and the LK 24. Based on the detailed comparison video made by path.‎exe, this article will provide a detailed comparison of these two weapons, delving into their stats and discussing the merits of choosing one over the other.

Weapon Builds

Kilo 141 Build

  • MIP Extended Light for extended range

  • Large Extended Mag B for increased ammo capacity

  • Ranger Foregrip for improved BSA (Bullet Spread Accuracy) and recoil control

  • Tactical Suppressor

  • Perk - Long Shot

LK 24 Build

  • OWC Marksman for enhanced range, BSA, and recoil reduction

  • Tactical Suppressor for concealment

  • 50 Round Extended Mag for maximum magazine size

  • Granulated Grip Tape for improved control

  • MIP Strike Stock for enhanced BSA


Both the LK 24 and the Kilo 141 are classified as moderate damage weapons, requiring four to six shots to eliminate an opponent. However, the LK 24 holds an advantage due to its arm multipliers. This feature allows it to achieve a three-tap kill within the first range by landing one headshot and one upper body shot. Moreover, it can reduce shots to kill outside the first range by connecting a couple of upper body shots. While the Kilo has a similar potential, it is more challenging to achieve because its multipliers do not cover arm shots.


In terms of range, both rifles have comparable profiles with their recommended builds. However, the LK 24 gains an advantage thanks to its arm multipliers, effectively extending its range beyond that of the Kilo. The Kilo compensates for this with a faster fire rate of 682 rounds per minute compared to the LK's 632 rounds per minute. This slight difference makes the Kilo more forgiving when it comes to missed shots, resulting in a faster time to kill (TTK) of 264 milliseconds to 440 milliseconds compared to the LK's 285 milliseconds to 475 milliseconds (excluding multipliers).


When it comes to mobility, the Kilo 141 has a significant advantage, especially in terms of straight speed, boasting a swift 2.52 meters/second, which is notably faster than the LK's sluggish 1.94 meters/second. The Kilo also excels in terms of ADS (Aim Down Sights) and reload times, making it a more flexible choice compared to the LK, which can feel like handling an LMG (Light Machine Gun) at times.


Accuracy is paramount for assault rifles, as it determines their effectiveness in long-range engagements. While both weapons are highly accurate, the LK 24 gains the upper hand when it comes to recoil control. The LK exhibits a slower climb rate and a more consistent recoil pattern that tends to lean to the left. In contrast, the Kilo 141 has a slight magnitude shift after the initial shots, which can be more challenging to control at extreme long-range encounters. Additionally, the LK's BSA and Tabor (bullet spread while hip-firing) are better, making it one of the most accurate guns in the game.

Hit Flinch

An often overlooked aspect is hit flinch, where the LK 24 shines. It boasts the lowest hit flinch of all assault rifles, even without attachments. This characteristic makes it easier to stay on target when under fire, particularly with the new bullet impact mechanic introduced to the game.

In summary, both the Kilo 141 and the LK 24 are top-tier assault rifles, each with its unique advantages catering to different playstyles. The Kilo 141 offers versatility, with a better fire rate and mobility, making it suitable for aggressive engagements. On the other hand, the LK 24 excels as a dedicated main AR, offering superior accuracy and arm multipliers, making it highly effective at longer ranges while sacrificing some mobility.

The choice between the two ultimately depends on your preferred playstyle and the type of engagements you frequently find yourself in. Whether you opt for the versatility of the Kilo 141 or the precision of the LK 24, both rifles are formidable choices in Call of Duty Mobile.

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