COD: Mobile Season 8: List of Free Skins Dropping This Season

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>COD: Mobile Season 8: List of Free Skins Dropping This Season</p></div>
COD: Mobile Season 8: List of Free Skins Dropping This Season


COD: Mobile

Season 8 offers Epic Dingo skin, Autumn Breeze treasures and more weapon blueprints.
Character Extravaganza: Epic Ghost, Captain Park, and FTL Anniversary Suit - Season 8's top free picks.

As Call of Duty: Mobile gears up for its eighth season, players are eagerly anticipating a slew of new content and rewards. One of the most exciting aspects of each new season is the opportunity to unlock free skins and items. In this article, we'll break down all the free skins and items coming to COD: Mobile in Season 8, so you can start planning your in-game objectives.

COD: Mobile Season 8: List of Free Skins Dropping This Season

Epic M4 Weapon Skin: Focus

The Exchange Store is the place to be for the next freebie. You can unlock the new Epic M4 weapon skin, named Focus, by accumulating 1000 lucky board tokens in the updated lucky board.

Leonine Guardian Skin

Another free epic skin awaits you in the current Season 8. The ASM 10 Assault rifle skin, named Leonine Guardian, can be unlocked by completing an ongoing seasonal challenge.

Leonine Guardian ASM 10 in COD: Mobile

Leonine Guardian ASM 10

Completionist Camo: Making Waves

Thanks to the current Rank Series Four, you still have a chance to unlock the newest completionist como called Making Waves for free in the tournament mode during Season 8.

Ranked Series 4 Rewards

Season 8 offers another opportunity to grab free rewards. If you haven't already, aim to reach Grandmaster 3 in both multiplayer and Battle Royale modes. This will earn you the Epic OTS 9 Pastel Waves Skin and the epic Alias character called Underwater, respectively.

Daily Mission Crate Rewards

Completing daily missions in Season 8 will net you the Season 8 Daily Mission Crate, featuring the epic Death Angel Alice Vicious Character Skin, an epic Salt Charm, a calling card, and other exciting rewards.

FTL Anniversary Suit

The epic FTL Anniversary Suit Character Skin returns to the game through Shard cards. You can complete featured events or seasonal challenges to obtain the required shard cards. Look out for the new themed event called Phantom Conquest, releasing soon.

Geisha's Gaze Skin and More

In COD: Mobile, you can also unlock the epic KN 44 weapon skin named Geisha's Gaze, the epic Blackjack Bloody Fortune character, and a new Epic calling card by completing upcoming featured events or mini-events.

KN 44&nbsp;Geisha's Gaze  in COD: Mobile

KN 44 Geisha's Gaze

Epic Dingo Skin: Utopian Epic

Keep an eye out for an upcoming Credit store update, expected in the second week of Season 8. In this update, you can unlock the new Epic Dingo weapon skin called Utopian Epic for just 20,000 credits.

Autumn Breeze Market Rewards

Throughout Season 8, you can earn free rewards in the Autumn Breeze market by completing various tasks in the Autumn Breeze Rise and Shine event. Collect hazelnuts and exchange them for Epic skins for the em two Call Dominant Demise or the wrench melee.

New Epic Park Filigree Character

In the same event, you can unlock the new Epic Park Filigree character and an Epic skin for the Goliath named Filigree by collecting hazelnuts and Maple Leafs.

Ronan Uniform

Clan rewards receive an update in Season 8, and players will still have the opportunity to unlock the uniform for the Epic Ronan character skin.

HDR Intimidating Fish Blueprint

Another freebie to keep an eye out for is the epic HDR Intimidating Fish Blueprint, available in clan war rewards until the end of Season 8.

Redux Store Rewards

If you've reached the legendary rank, you can unlock Rank series three rewards from 2022 in the current Season 8 Redux Store. These previously released rewards are yours for the taking.

Epic Captain Park Character Skin

In Season 8, the Daily Login character skin is the Epic Captain Park character skin in its Battle Config uniform, offering a stylish addition to your character roster.

Epic Ghost Character (Rumored)

Rumors are circulating about the release of a new Epic Ghost character in his annodominant uniform in Season 8. If true, this could be one of the standout free rewards of the season.

With so many free skins and items up for grabs in COD: Mobile Season 8, players have plenty of reasons to jump into the action. Whether it's unlocking unique character skins, epic weapon skins, or completing challenges, this season promises an exciting array of rewards for both new and veteran players. So gear up and get ready to dominate the battlefield while looking your best in the latest Season 8 content.

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