Class Chips make your class abilities stronger in COD Mobile.



How to Use Class Chip in COD Mobile Battle Royale

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Using Class Chips to upgrade your selected class is one of the seasonal missions in COD Mobile Season 9.
Class chips are located all over the Isolated Battle Royale map in COD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Nightmare has brought with it new halloween-themed modes, cosmetics as well as daily, featured and seasonal missions. While some of the missions may be as simple as playing five battle royale matches, others may be slightly harder for players to do such as, loot five airdrop items in battle royale matches. One such mission that has some players stumped is use class chips 10 times in battle royale matches. A Battle Royale (BR) class gives players a special ability that can be activated at intervals during the game. There are a total of 11 BR classes in COD Mobile and the class chip mission can be completed using any of them.

How to use Class Chip in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Under this season’s Seasonal event section, there is a tab called Royale Specialist, where players will find the mission to use class chips 10 times in battle royale matches. For completing this mission players will need to jump into a COD Mobile battle royale match. You can equip any of the 11 BR classes and once landed. Look for areas marked with light purple squares on the map. These mark the Chip Class locations on the map.

Navigate to any of these light purple square areas.

Two Class Chip locations are highlighted in red circles on the map here.


You can pick up and use a Chip Class here.

Players can use Class Chip in COD Mobile to upgrade their selected classes.


Your selected class ability will now turn neon purple. This is how you’ll know that the Chip Class has been activated.

Your selected class will glow purple once it has been upgraded.


Once active, you should try to use it as many times as possible to complete the mission. Once you complete this task 10 times, the mission will now be complete. As a result, you’ll earn the Scout - Shocking skin and five purple weapon XP cards taking you one step closer to the Royale Specialist rewards which includes Peacekeeper MK2 - Voltaic Garden skin and Battle Pass XP.

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