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How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

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Fade is the first legend in Apex Legends Mobile that is exclusive to mobile devices.
He can be unlocked for free by reaching level 25 in the current battle pass.
After the battle pass expires, players will continue to be able to unlock Fade using in-game currencies.

Fade is Apex Legends Mobile’s first exclusive character. The legend’s kit has been designed keeping mobile gamers in mind with the developers mixing in mobility as well as defensive capabilities as part of Fade’s abilities. The new legend is available to unlock for free in Apex Legends Mobile and we recommend earning some XP to get access to Fade as soon as possible.

How to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile?

Fade is unlockable in Apex Legends Mobile by levelling up the battle pass and reaching level 25. You do not need to purchase the battle pass as Fade is available in the free tier. If you play a couple of matches a day and focus on your daily and weekly challenges, you should get to level 25 in a week or so.

If you do not get Fade before the current battle pass ends, he will still be available for players to unlock but you will need to use in-game currencies instead of getting him for free. If you like Fade’s playstyle, we recommend reaching level 25 on the current Apex Legends Mobile battle pass.

Fade’s backstory in Apex Legends

Ignacio Huamaní was the youngest in a family of military-tech hunters. Working together, they made a living “recovering” weaponry and selling it to the highest bidder. When he was young, he took up a contract with a mysterious client and acquired a suit for him.

The suit turned out to be a trap. His family died, and the suit propelled him into another dimension. He made his way back to the Outlands to find justice and redemption in the Apex Games as Fade

Fade’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Here are all of Fade’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile:

Slipstream (Passive): Fade gains a movement speed boost after completing a slide.

Flashback (Tactical): Fade teleports to a previous location. The ability works similarly to Tracer’s Recall in Overwatch.

Phase Chamber (Ultimate): Fade drops down the activator core in his suit to make everyone in the radius incapable of dealing or receiving damage. It is reminiscent of Wraith’s tactical ability but it works for all players within the ability’s radius.

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