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Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings: Sensitivity, Graphics, Gameplay

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends Mobile's best settings will allow you to get the most frame rates and quality of life improvements for your gameplay experience.
It is advised to leave the graphics settings at the "recommended" option if you want the most performance.
Sensitivity options are best left to personal preference but you should adjust your per-optic settings.

Apex Legends Mobile is now available and players are trying to optimize their settings to get the most out of the game. The game does have some frame drop issues on some devices and you should consider toning down some of the graphics options to get more frames per second (FPS). Here are the best Apex Legends Mobile settings to get the best performance possible.

Best Apex Legends Mobile Settings - Gameplay

While most of these settings are best left up to personal preference, these are our recommended gameplay options that you should set:

  • Auto Firing – Off

  • Left Fire Button – On

  • One-Tap ADS and Fire – Off

  • Bolt-Action Sniper Mode – Tap to Fire

  • Semi-Auto Shotgun Mode – Tap to fire

  • ADS Mode – Hold

  • ADS Button Rotates Camera – Off

  • Aim Assist – On

  • TPP Optic – Classic

  • Auto-Open Doors – On

  • Auto Open Chests – On

  • Weapon Auto-Cycle on Empty – On

  • Continuous Throwing – On

  • Tactical Ability Release Method – Classic

  • Ultimate Use Method – Classic

  • Allow Squadmate Control When Offline – Off

  • Joystick triggers Auto-Run – On

  • Crouching Controls – Tap

  • Slide Jump Control – Classic

  • Use the Crouch Button to rotate the camera – On

  • Use the jump button to rotate the camera – On

  • Climbing Control Mode – Classic

  • Climbing Prompt – Off

  • Zipline Button Settings – Display

  • Riding on Zipline modes – Single Tap

  • Vertical Zipline Interact Button – On

  • Vertical Zipline Direction Tips – On

  • Auto-Turn on Vertical Ziplines – Off

  • Assisted Zipline Floor Landing – Off

Best Apex Legends Settings - Sensitivity

These are settings recommended by YouTuber ‘The Gaming Merchant’. You can check out the video below to understand why you need to have per optic settings.

Linked Sensitivity Adjustment – Off

  • FPS without ADS

    • Aiming – 200%

    • Shooting – 60%

  • TPP without ADS

    • Aiming – 200%

    • Shooting – 70%

  • Iron Sights 1x Optic ADS

    • Aiming – 45%

    • Shooting – 45%

  • 2x Optic ADS

    • Aiming – 36%

    • Shooting 36%

  • 3x Optic ADS

    • Aiming – 26%

    • Shooting – 26%

  • 4x Optic ADS

    • Aiming 24%

    • Shooting – 24%

  • 6x Optic ADS

    • Aiming 18%

    • Shooting – 18%

  • 8x Optic ADS

    • Aiming – 14%

    • Shooting – 14%

Best Apex Legends Mobile Settings - Graphics

Graphics settings in Apex Legends Mobile are very accurately optimized by Respawn Entertainment. We recommend sticking to the recommended settings instead of making any adjustments. If you are not getting a stable experience on an older device, you should check out the system requirements here. Some players have reported frame drops in the mobile version of Apex Legends and a patch is likely to be deployed soon to optimize the game’s frame rates even further.

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