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Apex Legends Pick Rates: Which Are the Most Popular Legends in Season 13?

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Apex Legends Season 13 is underway and the meta received a huge shakeup due to the ranked changes.
Horizon is currently the most popular legend in Diamond and Predator, with Wraith being displaced to the number two spot.
Valkyrie is dominant across all ranks thanks to her invaluable ultimate and vertical mobility.

Apex Legends is going strong with Season 13 introducing some massive changes to the game’s ranked mode. Players are still getting accustomed to the new ranked system and if you have been trying to adjust to the meta, you should consider picking one of the more popular legends. With players focusing on balancing their placement points and kill points (KP), legends that are good in both the early game and end game have become more popular. Here are the pick rates of all legends in Apex Legends Season 13.

Apex Legends Season 13 Pick Rates

Wraith has found herself at the top once again while Ash has a surprisingly low pick rate despite her popularity in competitive events. This is what the current meta looks like:

  • Wraith - 10.6%

  • Octane - 10.1%

  • Valkyrie - 9.4%

  • Bloodhound - 8.7%

  • Newcastle - 8.2%

  • Pathfinder - 7.7%

  • Horizon - 5.6%

  • Bangalore - 4.4%

  • Ash - 4.3%

  • Lifeline - 3.9%

  • Loba - 3.4%

  • Fuse - 3.1%

  • Rampart - 3.1%

  • Gibraltar - 3%

  • Mirage - 2.7%

  • Caustic - 2.3%

  • Seer - 2%

  • Revenant - 2%

  • Mad Maggie - 1.9%

  • Wattson - 1.9%

  • Crypto - 1.7%

While the pick rates mentioned above are based on the collective data from all ranks, the meta is quite different in the higher tiers. You can check out the current pick rates at your specific rank here.

Here are the top three legends in Predator according to Apex Legends Season 13 pick rates:

Horizon: Horizon who is also lovingly called “space mom” by the community is still looking for her long-lost son but she has found herself at the top of the food chain in the Apex Games. With a 14.9% pick rate, she has displaced Wraith as the most used legend in the game.

Wraith: Wraith is the only Season 0 legend in the top three despite numerous nerfs to her kit over the years. She is still one of the best legends in the game thanks to her ability to create safe rotations, kidnap enemies and get out of danger.

Valkyrie: Valkyrie’s jetpacks have helped her soar into the top three legends in Diamond, Master and Predator ranks. Thanks to her ability to get the high ground anytime she wants, she is a menace in teamfights. On top of that, her ultimate allows you to relocate with your entire team by redeploying from the skies, making her extremely good in the current iteration of ranked mode.

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