How to Stream Wild Rift Directly Through Twitch App


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How to Stream Wild Rift Directly Through Twitch App

John Dave Rossel
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Knowing how to stream Wild Rift directly through the Twitch app will prove beneficial for everyone who wants to live stream their games without the use of 3rd party apps like OBS or Streamlabs. Live streaming is a popular way for enthusiasts to share their gameplays with everyone with the same passion as them. With the help of the Twitch app, you will be able to easily host Wild Rift live streams without the need to connect your phone to a desktop computer. If your looking for a guide on how to stream Wild Rift directly through the Twitch app, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Streaming Wild Rift Directly Through Twitch App

Before you proceed, you will need to install the Twitch app on your mobile device. The app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices. Once you have both Wild Rift and Twitch app you can now proceed to host live stream directly from your phone.

1. Open the Twitch app and log in or signup.

2. Once you’ve logged in, tap on the camera icon

3. Tap on the “Stream Games” option

4. enable the Microphone and Overlays for the app

5. Tap on “League of Legends: Wild Rift” from the list of mobile games then tap on the “Next” button

6. Read the “Stream Tips” and tap on Next. Make sure you are not connected to any wired headset or Bluetooth speakers.

7. Select Your stream quality.

  • Max Quality - This will deliver the best quality (720p @30 FPS) at a cost of high CPU usage. Only use this if you have a gaming phone such as ASUS ROG, Lenovo Legion Duel, and etc.

  • Balanced - Perfect for mid-range phones. This provides a decent quality (480p @ 30 FPS) with average CPU usage.

  • Performance - This option is for streamers who are experiencing network issues. This delivers the worst video quality (360p @30 FPS) with the least CPU usage.

8. Add details to your stream info. Make sure you pick the right tags so you can reach your target audience.

9. Tap on “Launch Game” and start

10. Once the game has been loaded tap on the twitch bubble.

11. Start your stream by tapping on the middle button.

Tap on the camera button to get started.

It is important to note that the “direct mobile game streaming” feature is still in its beta phase. More features and improvements will be implemented in future updates.

With the rise of Mobile Gaming worldwide, it is not surprising that big streaming platforms like Twitch will find a way to make mobile game streaming convenient for everyone. Hopefully, you find this guide on how to stream Wild Rift directly through the Twitch app helpful.

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