How to increase Merit Quickly in BGMI 2.5?


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How to Increase Merit Quickly in BGMI 2.5?

Ahsan Kabir
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Play classic mode and aim for top 10 finishes to increase merit points in BGMI 2.5.
Avoid rule violations to maintain a merit score above 60 for unrestricted gameplay.
Regularly check your merit points in the profile section of the BGMI app.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) features the merit points system to ensure fair and legal gameplay. Merit points are crucial for accessing battle royale modes and maintaining a reputation as a rule-abiding player. This article aims to provide valuable insights on how to increase merit in BGMI 2.5 quickly and efficiently, highlighting strategies for earning points and understanding the consequences of rule violations.

Earning Merit Points in BGMI 2.5

To begin, each player starts with 100 merit points, which can be deducted for rule violations such as illegal activities or attacking teammates. However, there are ways to increase your merit score:

  1. Classic Mode: When your merit points drop below 60, focus on playing solo matches in classic mode. This allows you to continue earning points and prevents restrictions on multiplayer and duo squad matches.

  2. Point Breakdown: Finishing in the top 10 provides the highest point gain (3+ points), followed by ranks 11-50 (2+ points) and ranks 51-100 (1+ point). Prioritize achieving top 10 placements to maximize your point earnings.

  3. Consistent Gameplay: Playing a larger number of matches is essential for accumulating more merit points. However, remember to maintain fairplay and avoid any violations while striving for top placements.

Checking and Maintaining Merit Points

Keeping track of your merit score is essential for monitoring your progress and eligibility for different game modes. Here's how you can check your merit points in BGMI 2.5:

  1. Open the BGMI 2.5 app and navigate to your profile section.

  2. Click on "Stats" to access the tier overview tab.

  3. Your merit score will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Checking and Maintaining Merit Points


Maintaining a merit score above 60 is crucial for accessing duo squad games and multiplayer modes without restrictions. It also helps preserve your Battle Points (BP) and Experience Points (XP).

Understanding Merit Deductions and Fair Gameplay

The merit points system in BGMI 2.5 discourages rule violations and ensures a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. Here are some factors that can lead to merit deductions:

  1. Rule Violations: Actions such as attacking teammates, using hacks or third-party apps, exploiting bugs, or teaming up with hackers can result in merit deductions, bans, and rank removal.

  2. Language Violations: Continuous violations related to language, spreading ads or illegal information can lead to merit deductions, muting, and even bans.

  3. Sportsmanship and Fairplay: It is crucial to exhibit sportsmanship and fair gameplay to maintain a high merit score. Griefing teammates or engaging in unsportsmanlike behavior can result in merit deductions and even match bans.

BGMI Code of Conduct in Merit Info


In BGMI 2.5, increasing merit points is essential for accessing various game modes and enjoying unrestricted gameplay. By playing classic mode, prioritizing top 10 finishes, and maintaining Fairplay, players can steadily increase their merit scores. Understanding the consequences of rule violations and adhering to sportsmanship principles will always contribute to a thriving and fair gaming environment.

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