How to Gift Items to Friends in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Using UC

Here is how you can gift items to friends in Battlegrounds Mobile India using UC.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India allows players to gift in-game items to their friends using UC.
Players have an option to gift items to their friends either from 'Gifts for Spaces' or 'Gifts in the Shop'.
Gifting items to friends also increases the synergy between those players, which is BGMI's way of assessing the relation between the two players.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has taken the Indian mobile gaming community by storm, having already announced the inaugural esports tournament BGMI Series 2021 along with the first community event 'Get Ready To Jump'. While those determined to compete are grinding hard, the casual playerbase is happy enjoying the game, customizing their characters with weapon skins, cosmetics, and clothing. Though these items do not contribute to anything extra or special on the gameplay side of things, it definitely helps a player standout from the rest and be unique in their own way. BGMI also gives players an option to help out their friends or teammates by allowing them to gift in-game items.

This is a great way of sharing stuff with others, showing appreciation, or simply helping them out with an item that they maybe fond of. In addition to all this, players also receive something called synergy points for gifting stuff to other players. Read on to find out how you can also gift items to your friends in BGMI by spending some UC.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to Gift Items to Friends

It is pretty simple and easy to gift items within BGMI to your friends or teammates. Sharing stuff with users that you play with on a regular basis makes the journey of playing BGMI more enjoyable. On top of this players improve the synergy between them by gifting each other items, this helps BGMI in assessing the relationship between two players. Another way to improve synergy is to play with each other on a regular basis.

Here is how you can start gifting your friends items in BGMI by spending UC,

  • First of all click on the friend's avatar within BGMI to whom you want to send a gift to. All your friends can be found in your personal friend list.

Send a Gift Option - BGMI


  • After you click on their profile, look for the 'Send A Gift' option and then click on it.

  • Once done, you will be presented with two options - 'Gift For Spaces' and 'Gifts In The Shop'. You can select either depending on what type of item you want to send them.

Gifts for Spaces and Gifts in the Shop - BGMI Gifting Options


  • You can browse through the items available and select any that you wish to send your friend.

  • Finally, you need to pay the respective UC amount of the desired item to purchase it from the shop and send it as a gift to your friend.

This is it, once done your purchased item will automatically be gifted to the friend, who will receive it the next time they open Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, there are a few important points that you always need to keep in mind such as,

  • BGMI does not allow players to gift Clothes or Items that were previously present in their own Inventory. Players are required to select items from the shop or those available under the spaces menu.

  • Players are only allowed to send a limited amount of gifts at once. However, if they want to send more gifts they can redo the process again and send more items by repeating the steps again.

  • There are different categories and types of gifts that players can choose from in BGMI. However, the game does not allow players to choose items that are not mentioned in the list.

Do keep these points in your mind before you send a gift to your friend in BGMI. Also, do keep track of your expenses and the amount of UC being spent on gifting.

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