How to Get Maximum FPS in Warzone Mobile


How to Get Maximum FPS in Warzone Mobile

Umesh Borkar
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Warzone Mobile provides high quality graphics and players will have to optimize their devices in order to get the maximum FPS.
Some of the tips mentioned below will help players get the maximum FPS while gaming.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile offers high quality graphics for mobile devices. To ensure that the game remains lag free and gets the best graphics, players need to optimize their devices. Having the maximum number of Frames Per Second (FPS) will allow players to enjoy a smooth experience in game, even in extreme scenarios within the game. In this article we will take a look at some of the tips and tricks which will provide the maximum Frames Per Second (FPS) for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.

Tips to get maximum FPS in Warzone Mobile

  • Turn off background applications:

    The very first thing to do before launching or playing Warzone Mobile is to close every application in the background. The game has high quality graphics and if players want to maximize their gameplay experience they will need to close background apps to have a smoother gaming experience.

  • Monitor device overheating:

    Players will have to keep an eye on their devices in order to avoid overheating issues. If a device is overheated players may experience lag and stutter in their gaming experience. Allow your device to cool down in between games or use small fans made to avoid overheating of the device.

Warzone Mobile
  • Graphic Settings:

    Use the best graphic settings available for your device. For mid range devices, choose the mid or high option in the visual quality feature. Only high end devices like iPhones and iPads support the peak graphic settings. In the performance optimization setting, select frame rate for better fps and if your device is low on battery select battery in the option. In the frame rate/FPS section, select the 60 FPS option as it provides consistent FPS for a better gaming experience. 

Warzone Mobile
  • Device Compatibility:

    Players looking to play Warzone Mobile will need to have at least an iPhone or iPad with iOS 16 and 3GB RAM or more or an Adreno 618 GPU with 6GB RAM or more on their Android devices. Only the above mentioned devices will run Warzone Mobile.

  • Re-install Warzone Mobile:

    If players are experiencing lag and stuttering regularly, you can re-install the game from the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store. Sometimes files may not be installed correctly the first time and re-installing the application may solve the lag issue and help improve your gaming experience.

Players will have to ensure that their devices have enough battery as maximizing graphics may take a toll on their devices and they may lose battery charge rather quickly. The above mentioned tips and tricks may work on mid range devices but low end devices may still face the issue of lag and the gaming experience will not be as smooth compared to other devices.

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