Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Will Ban Players Using FOV Modifiers

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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile developers will ban players using FOV modifiers.
FOV modifiers are used by players to gain an unfair advantage and have a larger field of vision of the game on the screen.

The well known Call of Duty (COD) PC and console game franchise has confirmed the release of the mobile version of Warzone, one of the most popular games from the franchise. The mobile version is expected to feature high end graphics and features including the famous maps like Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Two weeks ahead of the game's world wide release, Activision, the developer of the game revealed that players who will use Field Of View (FOV) modifiers, their account may face a permanent ban from the game.

COD Warzone Mobile developers to ban players using FOV modifiers

Yanrique Wright, a popular mobile gaming content creator shared a post by Activision which read, “We'll be updating our security policy closer to launch, but generally that's not going to say explicitly we will ban you for modifying FOV files. However, it will likely (just like the rest of those security & enforcement policies) say that it is possible to be banned or enforced on for modifying any game files, especially any that may give any kind of advantage.”

Wynndham “Wynnsanity” Curtis, another well known mobile gaming content creator shared his thoughts and said, “I think they should just enable 120 FOV, and when people turn it up there should be a warning, may cause overheating, and then users can decide if they want to enable it.”

What are FOV modifiers?

In First Person Shooters (FPS) or Third Person Shooter (TPS) games, the field of view (FOV) is the extent at which players can see the video game on their screen. The recommended FOV for a game is provided in the game by the developers for each screen size and resolution so no player has an advantage on the opposing player. An FOV modifier is used to increase the vision in the game more than the amount recommended by the developers. This gives the FOV modifier user an advantage over others as the player has a larger field of view than others and can easily gain a competitive advantage especially in games like Warzone.

COD Warzone Mobile is all set to release on Android and iOS devices on 21st March 2024. The hype and excitement since the announcement is at an all time high with many expecting the game to overtake the already existing COD Mobile (CODM) battle royale game in times to come.

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