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How to Get Disruption Blueprint for Free in Warzone Mobile

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The Cover Me event in Warzone Mobile will offer the Disruption blueprint for free to the players.
Players will need to complete missions and collect event points to redeem the skin from the event.

Warzone Mobile’s publisher, Activision, is offering its players some exclusive skins for free in the game. Players will have to complete missions available in the event and grab as many points as possible in order to redeem the Disruption Blueprint in the game. Recently, a new weekly event was added in Warzone Mobile named Cover Me and will offer players an exclusive blueprint for the MTZ Interceptor. In this article we will take a look at how players will be able to redeem the skin and other rewards from the event.

How to get MTZ Interceptor Disruption Blueprint for free

The Cover Me event in Warzone Mobile has brought an exclusive weapon blueprint for the MTZ Interceptor named Disruption. Players will have to complete missions and gather Event Points (EP) in order to redeem the skin from the event. The event went live on 25th April and will end on 30th April. Players who wish to get the exclusive skin will have to do so in this time period.

Disruption Blueprint


These are the missions and the points it has to offer in the event:

  • Sniper Rifle eliminations: 400 Event Points

  • Completing Bounty Contracts: 500 Event Points

  • Headshots earned in Battle Royale: 100 Event Points

  • Eliminations earned in Battle Royale and Multiplayer: 100 Event Points for BR / 25 Event Points for MP

  • Buy Precision Airstrikes: 50 Event Points

  • Complete Contracts: 150 Event Points

  • Survive 3rd circle collapse wave: 500 Event Points.

Vehicle Skin


Players will be able to get multiple rewards by completing the above mentioned missions. Players will have to complete the missions in the stipulated time in order to receive the rewards mentioned below.

These are the rewards players will receive for completing each event point:

  • Killshot Calling Card: 400 points.

  • Bruiser Badge: 4000 points.

  • Bound to Strike Large Decal: 5000 points. 

  • Bruiser Badge: 35,000 points.

  • Creep Caliber Weapon Charm: 50,000 points.

  • Bruiser Badge: 66,000 points.

  • Loom and Doom vehicle skin: 90,000 points.

  • Disruption MTZ Interceptor Blueprint: 160,000 points.

Cover Me Missions


The Disruption blueprint in Warzone Mobile is marked as a rare skin and it can be expected that it will not return any time soon for the time being. This is a good opportunity for players to get their hands on an exclusive skin for free.

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