Warzone Season 3 Reloaded: Everything You Need to Know


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Warzone Season 3 Reloaded: Everything You Need to Know

Abhimannu Das
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Warzone Season 3 Reloaded is set to kick off on 1st May at 9.00 AM Pacific Time.
Rebirth Island is getting a host of changes with the content update that has players excited.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Reloaded is set to arrive next week and Activision has already given us a look at what to expect from the upcoming content update. The patch will bring tons of new updates to Rebirth Island, new weapons and more. Players can expect Season 3 Reloaded for Warzone to arrive on 1st May at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (PT).

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded Overview

  • Gear up! Plate up with Heavy Armor, resupply your Plates and Ammo with the Utility Box, and ready up for the return of the Weapon Trade Station: Trade in a weapon, get one back plus some extra loot. A good way to fill your pockets.

  • Specialist Perk Package: Become a super soldier with this rare item granting your Operator every available Perk!

  • New Foresight Killstreak: Plan your end game accordingly with the ability to see all future gas circles.

  • Variable Time of the Day: Experience Rebirth Island in a new way with the chance for variable weather conditions in your deployments.

New Event, Field Upgrade, and More Warzone Features

With occasional aerial bombardments increasing in ferocity across Rebirth Island, expect a change in the weather, a variety of additional items, Events, and more Features as you drop in at Mid-Season:

Boost Your Defenses in the New Heavy Armor Public Event

This Public Event arrives in Season 3 Reloaded. A rare occurrence at Infil, this raises the number of armor plates players can carry, buffing the total number of health points from 150 to 200 for the whole match.

Gear Up with the new Utility Box Field Upgrade (Rebirth Island)

The Utility Box combines Ammo and Armor Boxes together allowing Operators to resupply everything ranging from bullets to grenades. Purchase the box at Buy Stations or as a piece of ground loot.

Weapon Trade Station (Rebirth Island)

The Weapon Trade Station returns to help fill your pockets. Trade in your weapon for one of a lower rarity plus some extra loot. Rarity is determined by your weapon’s total attachments and is displayed by its color in the weapon info box, from most common to least common as follows: Gray, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange. The weapon you trade in returns one of two rarity levels lower (or “more common”).

The extra items that drop may include ammo, cash, and equipment (Tacticals, Lethals, Field Upgrades, Killstreaks, Gas Masks). With some luck, trading in a powerful weapon may even reward the Specialist Perk Package, with even better rewards during a Fire Sale!

Perk Package: Specialist (Rebirth Island)

Become the ultimate Operator if you’re lucky enough to come across the rare Specialist Perk Package. With Specialist activated, your Operator will benefit from ALL available Perks. The complete list of abilities include:

  • Perk Slots 1 and 2 (all Perks active): Battle Hardened, Double Time, E.O.D., Focus, Irradiated, Mechanic, Mountaineer, Scavenger, Shrapnel, Sleight of Hand, Spotter, Strong Arm.

  • Perk Slot 3 (all Perks active): Cold-Blooded, Escapist, Payout, Primed, Quick Fix, Resupply, Stalker, Survivor, Tempered, Tracker.

  • Perk Slot 4 (all Perks active): Birdseye, Combat Scout, Flex, Ghost, High Alert, Resolute, Shrouded.

As a force to be reckoned with, this is your surest bet toward victory. Good luck finding it.

New Killstreak — Foresight (Rebirth Island)

Perfect your strategy by seeing what’s coming with Foresight, showing you the location of every future gas circle in the match. Find the new Killstreak as a piece of rare loot. Strategize accordingly to make the most out of the intel you’re given, setting up for the win where you know the gas will end up at the match’s end.

Along with upcoming playlists like Loaded Resurgence (at Mid-Season Launch) and Rebirth Lockdown (later into the Season), keep an eye out for the new Utility Box Field Upgrade, providing ammo, armor plates, and extra equipment to stock up your Operator for the most vicious battles ahead. And beef up through the Heavy Armor Public Event, adding a permanent extra plate slot to all Armor Plate Carriers for the rest of the match.

Something is happening with the Bunkers on Urzikstan, too. Curious squads who explore these areas are apt to discover the rewards within. That isn’t all that’s coming, either, though some [[REDACTED]] surprises are best left to our players to uncover.

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