Warzone Mobile To The Metal Event: How to Get Free Scale Issue Blueprint


Warzone Mobile To The Metal Event: How to Get Free Scale Issue Blueprint

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Unlock the exclusive Scale Issue Blueprint in Warzone Mobile's To the Metal event from 18 to 24 April 2024.
Earn Event Points by playing matches, completing challenges, and achieving milestones in the free-reward tracker.
Quickly gather points through tasks like dealing weapon damage, completing contracts, and opening supply boxes.

Warzone Mobile, a popular mobile multiplayer game, has introduced a thrilling event named To The Metal. This event offers players the opportunity to unlock the exclusive Scale Issue Blueprint, among other rewards, by participating in various challenges.

This guide will detail the steps to access this free Blueprint, focusing on the event's timeline and the process involved.

Warzone Mobile To The Metal Event: Complete Details

How to Unlock the Scale Issue Blueprint

The Scale Issue Blueprint is a prized reward available as part of To The Metal event, which runs from 18th to 24th April 2024.

To obtain this reward, players must engage in Multiplayer or Battle Royale matches within Warzone Mobile, earning Event Points through their participation.

The blueprint is part of a series of rewards that players can track through a free-reward tracker provided in the game.

Earning Event Points Quickly

To expedite the process of acquiring the Scale Issue Blueprint, players are encouraged to participate in specific challenges that yield higher Event Points. The key to unlocking the blueprint quickly lies in accumulating a total of 20,000 Event Points. Here are several tasks designed to help players gather these points efficiently:

To the Metal event page in Warzone mobile

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  1. Weapon Damage: Players can earn 200 Event Points by dealing 100 damage with any weapon.

  2. Recon Contracts: Completing Recon Contracts in Warzone Mobile offers a significant boost with 500 Event Points per contract.

  3. Assist Points: Each assist in Warzone Mobile Battle Royale earns players 30 Event Points.

  4. Travel Distance: Players earn 100 Event Points for every 250 meters traveled in the game.

  5. Player Eliminations: Eliminations in Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes provide 100 and 25 Event Points, respectively.

  6. Supply Boxes: Opening any Supply Box in the game adds 20 Event Points to the player’s total.

By following these guidelines and actively participating in the To The Metal event, players can efficiently work towards unlocking the Scale Issue Blueprint in Warzone Mobile.

This event not only enhances the gaming experience by providing structured goals but also encourages community participation through competitive challenges.

For further updates and gaming guides, players are advised to stay connected with the game’s official updates and community forums.

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