Tesla X BGMI event has kicked off in full gear and offers Tesla car skins, a chance to drive it in game and more.


How To Get A Tesla Car In BGMI

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The BGMI X Tesla event brings Gigafactories, Tesla Model Y and more to the game.
Players can watch a Tesla car be assembled at one of the four Gigafactory locations on Erangel.
The Tesla Model Y also has an auto-pilot mode that can be activated along highways.

The BGMI 1.5 Ignition update has brought with it Tesla events and new car skins. Players can not only unlock Tesla skins for Dacia and Rony Pickup but also unlock a Tesla car in BGMI (Model Y) and even a Tesla supply box at one of the four Gigafactory locations around the Erangel map. The new Mission Ignition mode has six major places on the Erangel map which will be transformed into research and energy facilities. Players will be able to enjoy a whole new method of tactically manipulating the game with the addition of combat features such as patrol robots, information collectors. Tesla Model Y also has an autopilot mode which players can enable when they want. Players will need to complete some tasks inside the Gigafactory to unlock Tesla Model Y in the factory. Here is how players can get a Tesla car in BGMI.

How to get a Tesla Model Y in BGMI

With the Ignition update, Tesla has built Gigafactories on Erangel, which players can use to unlock Tesla Model Y. Here is how you can do it:

1. Find a Gigafactory location marked in blue on the Erangel map.

Gigafactory locations where you can assemble a Tesla car are marked with blue circles.

2. Drop to a Gigafactory and take out any other enemies that land with you.

3. Find four terminals with switches and activate the mechanisms.

4. Once you activate all four terminals, the production line will start assembling a Tesla Model Y.

You'll be able to see the Gigafactory assemble your Tesla Model Y.

5. Once completed, you can drive your Tesla around.

Location of terminal switch mechanisms in Gigafactories

Located above the main entrance. Use the stairs to get to it.

Located up the stairs next to the Tesla sign.

Located in a room next to the assembly line.

Located above the room next to the assembly line.

The Model Y has an autopilot mode which can be activated on highways. Activating this will make the car start driving automatically towards a marker you set. However, this feature is only available on highways. A self-driving Tesla Semi will also spawn randomly on rural roads and automatically run along specific routes. Players can deal damage to the Semi to force its supply boxes to drop and obtain combat supplies.

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