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How to Fix the “Ranked Mode Locked” Error in Apex Legends Mobile

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends Mobile players are frequently running into the "Ranked Mode Locked" screen when trying to access the game's competitive mode.
Ranked mode is currently not available in some regions due to technical issues and Respawn Entertainment is working on a fix.
The error can show up if you have not reached level 10 on your Apex Legends Mobile account.

Apex Legends Mobile launched in select regions and a lot of players are facing issues when trying to access the game’s ranked mode. The issue is persistent for players who are from regions that do not have access to the game. But some players who are part of the official regions are also facing this issue. Here is a look at how you can unlock ranked mode in Apex Legends Mobile.

Why are players getting locked out of Apex Legends Mobile’s Ranked Mode?

The Ranked Mode Unavailable message shows up in the following situations:

You have not yet reached level 10

Until you reach level 10 on your account, you will not be able to queue for a game in ranked. The game expects you to play the standard battle royale mode without any Ranked Points on the line until you are comfortable enough with the game’s basics to play ranked mode. If you are not sure what your account level is, click on your name in the lobby or simply check your current account level at the end of a game.

Leveling up to 10 should not take too long as the first few levels can be achieved in just a couple of games. Playing with friends offers bonus XP and you can rank up even faster.

Ranked mode is disabled due to technical issues

For some players, ranked mode is not available due to server issues. If you are from one of the regions that have access to the game officially and still do not have access to ranked mode, it is probably an issue on Respawn’s end.

A lot of players have reported that ranked mode is not available and Respawn is currently working on a fix. Players should be able to access ranked matches once a fix is issued.

Contact EA Help for support

If you face issues even after ranked mode is re-enabled, you should reach out to EA Help for support.

  1. Head to EA Help’s official page.

  2. Pick the game or product you need help with.

  3. Pick the platform that you play on.

  4. Choose the topic you need help with.

  5. Select your issue.

  6. Click on your preferred contact option.

While you wait for the servers to go live again, you can also contact EA Help on Twitter for an update on the fix.

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