How to Fix Low FPS in BGMI: 5 Best Things You Can Try

Here are a few effective tips to help fix low FPS problem in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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BGMI being an India exclusive mobile Battle Royale with dedicated servers has already helped in improving the overall gameplay experience.
Being a mobile shooter, higher FPS is always beneficial while playing BGMI and there are various ways to increase your current frame rate.
Here are five of the most effective tips to combat low FPS issues in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Krafton recently launched the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Early Access version for all the players, gaining more than a million downloads via the Google Play Store within a short duration. With the mobile Battle Royale exclusive to the Indian audience, the players have already started to experience a better overall gameplay experience with more consistent ping, lower connectivity issues, and higher FPS (frames per second). However, certain players still complain about obtaining a lower FPS in BGMI, despite installing the game through dedicated servers, and using mobile devices with a configuration that is comfortably above the official minimum system requirements to run BGMI smoothly.

5 Best Tips to Fix Low Ping Issue in BGMI

Krafton has specified from their side the minimum system requirements to run BGMI smoothly across mobile devices. But being a mobile shooter, higher FPS is always preferred by a user who try to push the limits of their devices to get the maximum possible output.

However, there are many who suffer from a low FPS output due to various different issues. Here are five effective tips that can surely help you gain a few frame rates, making BGMI run a bit smoother.

  • Restrict Backgrounds Applications

When running BGMI, make sure all other background applications have been closed and that all the mobile device resources are focussed on running the game properly. Mostly, mobile devices running the game on mobile data or with low RAM capacity are the ones that run into low FPS output due to this issue.

Users can easily identify which applications are using both data and RAM while running in the background, manually via 'Settings' or by using a third-party application.

  • Deleting Cache

If you really want to gain a few FPS in BGMI, you can always clear both the game's and the device cache memory. Players who frequently do this, will observe a slightly higher average FPS when playing Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Delete Cached Data From Mobile Device
  • Play BGMI Over WiFi Instead of Mobile Data

Though mobile data is more readily available, it is also highly inconsistent. Playing BGMI over mobile data may lead to not only a drop in FPS but an overall disrupted gameplay experience, due to several factors like inconsistent ping, packet loss, and in extreme cases frequent disconnections.

So it is always recommended to play on a WiFi connection, this will automatically lead to a better and more consistent frame rate, improving your gameplay experience.

  • Change BGMI Graphic Settings

BGMI offers various in-game graphics settings which range from Smooth to UHD (Ultra High Definition), while also giving them an additional setting for frame rate ranging from Low to Extreme.

Players should try and adjust these settings to find the perfect combination, this may vary from device to device, as it depends on multiple factors and even personal preferences.

Different BGMI Graphics & Frame Rate Options
  • Switch Off All Auto-Updates

While the auto-update feature is amazing as it keeps all our applications updated without any hassle, it can be a problem when playing BGMI as some downloads might automatically start taking place in the background. This will consume both RAM and Data, which may effect the game negatively, especially low and mid tier mobile devices.

So all applications that have an auto update option should be turned off to manual, including the system update option. This will lead to less background obstruction while playing and help the device focus on running BGMI.

Switching Off Google Play Store Auto Update

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