Complete challenges like earning the Marathon Medal In COD Mobile to get cosmetic rewards.


How to Earn Marathon Medal in COD Mobile

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The Marathon medal is a part of this season's challenges which players can complete to earn rewards.
Earning the Marathon medal involves running a total of 2000 meters or two kilometers around the battle royale map in COD Mobile.

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile has multiple medals that players sometimes need to earn to unlock free items through challenges. While some medals are tough to get, others are fairly easy to get your hands on. The Marathon medal is one such medal players need to earn to complete this season’s challenges. Medal challenges need to be unlocked in both multiplayer and Battle Royale. However, the marathon medal can only be unlocked in Battle Royale since it involves running a distance of two kilometers. It is one of the easier medals to get in COD Mobile. Here is how to earn the marathon medal in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Complete missions including earning the Marathon medal in COD Mobile to earn rewards.


How To Earn The Marathon Medal in Call of Duty: Mobile

Earning the Marathon medal involves running a total of 2000 meters or two kilometers around the battle royale map in COD Mobile. Players can drop on to the map and basically run around without being downed by enemies to complete the challenge and earn the marathon medal quicker. The best way to get the Marathon medal in COD Mobile is to drop on a far off point on the Isolated map and sprint on foot around the safe zone. Make sure you do not use any vehicles or it will not count towards the challenge. Try to drop far away from the safe zone and any hotspots so you can try and complete the challenge. Make sure you pick up any and all weapons, loot, especially medkits you find to survive against any enemies you may encounter.

While it is advised to drop away from any hotspots, try to circle the edges so you don’t die to the shrinking zone. Mobility and misdirection are essentially paramount as they let you stay alive while trying to do this challenge so the Airborne, Ninja, Trickster, Poltergeist and Smoke Bomber classes are great picks. Airborne and Ninja help you stay mobile and put distance between you and enemies quickly. The Poltergeist, Trickster and Smoke Bomber classes will help you hoodwink enemies while letting you escape. The Poltergeist especially is great for getting the Marathon medal because the Poltergeist’s Voidwalker ability increases running and walking speed when Active Camo is up, helping you reach your destination quickly and stealthily.

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